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10 First Experience to a New Bride

A. First big fight

You may have a fight before, but you may be aware that this argument is different from usual. More intense. Learn from the mistakes, if you want your marriage to last, then learn to fight more productive next time.

Avoid dangerous words such as "You always ..." and "You never ..." and bring up old issues just to make your partner look weak. Give a little time to keep your distance from each other, calm yourself, and tell your partner that you love him, hate arguing and you regret having hurt him.

2. First gather with friends after marriage

You have to understand that maybe your friend has not been regular with your new status. Some of your friends might be motivated to get married too, or else feel jealous of the "perfect life" you. The best friend you just want to know you do not really changed and your happiness is not a threat to them.

So when you're partying with your girlfriends, show that you are still fun. Do not keep talking about how harmonious your wedding or dissimulation single friends to advise you that he would soon follow you to become a bride.

3. The first major shopping

Before you and a partner bought a big thing, you both will have to be 100 percent sure of your financial circumstances. You may be passionate in the realization of such purchase, while your husband may be a bit longer and a lot of consideration. Find the middle ground and you will get an important lesson in terms of budget and work together to achieve common goals.

Although this sounds unpleasant, tasks such as painting the room, choosing furniture and applied ethics in the use of household appliances can be very enjoyable. Because with it, you build a house together.

4. The first problem with the family he

If you are too self-defense when they attack you, your spouse may be angry with the accused you are too sensitive, do not appreciate them and so on. Avoid parties and family dinners also will not work, because that's desired by those cruel, to divide.

Once the conflict is settled, explain to him that you want to have a close relationship with his family because they are precious to you and your spouse need support from him to make this happen.

Suppose you give a gift to your partner by being sincere and warm when you're together with family.

5. The first time you ask "When have children?"

Suppose that the question is a prayer for your happiness and a compliment that people are asking is to assume you already deserve to be parents.

Do not make it a problem with over-react on the topic, all the pressure and respond with that assessment reflects your feelings about the idea of ​​having a child.

Errors that often occur at the newlyweds are thinking they are too far responded to a question like that. Just say "We have not got to that stage now, but you'll soon find out after we had children!" Then move on to another subject.

6. The first time to host a party

Have fun! Do not destroy it by making yourself feel too overwhelmed, crying because you can not find food that is needed in the supermarket or get up early morning just to prepare a napkin. Be prepared that some things will go according to plan and you do not have to accept it.

Gelarlah your first party in a small scale, with only about 6-8 invited guests. Guests who make you a little more relaxed, able to go have fun at the party and also to host a good party.

7. Seductive woman at a party the first time you face

The first time a woman seduce your spouse, smile at your partner and say "I can not blame her because you are the sexiest man in this room." That way you boost his ego and she is also indirectly help you. Your husband will love it because you believe in loyalty to you.

Do not be redundant, but the he gave his number to the woman.

8. Creating a tradition of the first two

Respect the existing tradition, passed on from your family and your partner (especially Hari Raya) and create a new tradition made you both. Select two or three traditions that you think are both interesting, for it to do.

You do not have the tradition of great creations, like renew wedding vows every six months. The tradition began with a small can like choose ornaments that reflect the Feast of adventure or your biggest goal this year.

9. Holiday Feast was first separated

Maybe a parent or grandparent was ill spouse, or your sister has just given birth. The family's interests need not be a problem to determine "who" must take precedence.

It is understandable that someone might not be so happy with the changes in family tradition, so be prepared to face the person who snapped the family of the couple. Do not let that overshadow the interests of the first festivals is you as a couple.

10. The first time you feel afraid of marriage

In a harmonious marriage, you will find it easy to say "I do not know how I would if I miss us." Make sure you respect each other, have fun together and continually strive to strengthen your marriage.

If the panic does not also disappear, and you love your spouse assay by triggering a fight, consult a reputable marriage counselor and a good reputation can help you to find what is happening in your relationship.

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