Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Tom and Jerry Invasion Of The Body Slammers (2012)

For those addicted to cartoons, Tom and Jerry Invasion Of The Body Slammers (2012) is the title of the latest movie Tom and Jerry 2012. Here's a little synopsis of the film, Tom and Jerry travel the world by land, sea, and air in the collection of 22 humorous adventures. From Broadway to the outside, hitch space ride with your favorite cat and mouse for non-stop fun and action. Whether furry duo walk from the erupting volcano on a tropical island or lead the orchestra in Hollywood, you can count on laughing all the way.

Sword fights, magic spells, and a treasure map and a fun filled adventure will have you climbing on board for another expedition. So grab your luggage and bring the whole family together for hectic travel around the world and beyond.

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