Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Nokia Releases N110 and N112 Cell Phone Deals

Cheap-phone, apparently, still one of the flagship Nokia face of increasingly fierce competition. Two cheap dual sim card mobile phone released by Nokia, Nokia released two entry level phone dual sim card, the Nokia 110 and Nokia 112. Two phones at affordable prices is targeting the young.

On two phones, the Nokia immerse Nokia Browser for ease and convenience of accessing the internet. Nokia-developed browser is claimed to be able to save the data consumption by 90 percent. So that users can quickly and comfortably surfing in cyberspace.

Because addressed to young people, social media applications are also available here. The phone offers direct access to twitter, facebook to other social networks directly from the home page.

Interestingly, both the Nokia 110 and 112 already supports email and instant messaging. Especially for the Nokia 112 are preloaded instant messaging service eBuddy.

In order to attract the attention of the youth, Nokia also offers the bundling of 40 games EA. Games can be downloaded via the Nokia Store. This service is free for 60 days since the phone is activated.

Games can be downloaded include classic games such as Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed ​​The Run, Monopoly Here & Now, and SimCity Deluxe. Telahj downloadable games that can be stored on the phone.

Two phones are equipped with a VGA camera to take pictures. There is a media player to play music and video. He is more complete with FM radio.

This phone's internal memory is limited. But do not worry, the storage media can be increased up to 32 GB. The phone supports MicroSD card with a capacity of 32GB.

As products are developed by Nokia dual sim, dual sim card comes down to Easy Swap technology. The phone can be personalized up to five different prime cards.

Nokia 110 has a battery life up to 10.5hrs talktime and 26.5 days on standby. The battery on the Nokia 112 can be used up to 14 hours talktime and 35 days standby.

Nokia 110 about 35 euros, while the Nokia 112 around 38 euros.

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