Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Malware is Risen Every Friday on 13

Beware of Friday the 13th tomorrow. This has nothing to do with beliefs about bad luck or horror stories that frequently occur each date. But there is some malware that often appears every Friday the 13th.

"Malware following may be circulated with the latest variant, 'said Yudhi Strong, Technical Consultant in a statement ESET Indonesia, Thursday, July 12, 2012.

The first is Jerusalem, with many variants of the virus 'hooked' to attack the file extension. Com and. Exe, but do not attack command.com. When infected, the virus can shut down some programs in the system so that files can not be read and display the message 'file not found'.

Then there Xeram, which attacks the file extension is able to remove file NAV_._NO, CHLIST.MS and SCANVAL.VAL. The virus is activated when an infected file is turned on Friday the 13th, according to the time zone in their respective areas.

Then there Smeg.Trivia, a simple virus that infects COM files. When an infected program is turned on the day, a message that reads: "This program requires Microsoft Windows and the infected program will not be Executed".

Finally there is the Code Red Worm, which attacked the NT-based web server 4.0 + W2K + IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0 with the target file. IDA. On Friday the 13th, eEye will receive information from the web server admin who is infected, resulting in a very large buffer on the web server.

CERT, the organization that coordinat information about internet security even mention that the "Code Red" have infected 225,000 hosts. One domain registration affected by this worm attack and cause millions of users could not access their web mail.

But do not worry too much, because four is old malware, so it can be detected by the antivirus that is updated properly. Yudhi also mentioned that ESET has been able to identify malware.

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