Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Miss Korea Admits Plastic Surgery Make

Beauty contest winner, Kim Yu-mi, who won the title Miss Korea in July, acknowledged that he was not born with natural beauty.

At an entertainment event at TVN on July 18, Kim Yu-mi told about the scandal that was revealed when an old photo of her circulating in cyberspace after his victory in the pageant.

In the school yearbook photo album - which is uploaded by one of his friends - Kim Yu-mi has a very different appearance from the evidence that the beauty queen had been doing plastic surgery after she left school.

"I have a feeling that my old photos will appear on the surface," said Yu-mi.

"But I was surprised when I preach the media claiming to have a natural beauty. I never said I was even born with natural beauty," said film student at the Konkuk University.

He added that he understood the secret people would be upset about it, but what he had done was not something he wanted to hide.

"From now on, I want to build my image of beauty in themselves rather than my physical beauty," said Yu-mi.

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  1. I think she knew an old picture of her will have a negative impact, especially because the media knows to use it.
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  2. I like that she admitted that she was not born with natural beauty. Everyone has right to change his look and she has not done anything wrong.

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