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'Young players, club MU Another differentiator'

Cape Town - Sir Alex Ferguson says there is a culture that distinguishes Manchester United with other clubs. Credence given to young players is what he meant.

Fergie has been dealing with the Red Devils since 1986. He often relies on a lot of young players and the Scottish manager can prove that MU won 37 trophies, either major or minor tournaments.

Successful example of Fergie with young players can be seen through the golden generation like Paul Scholes Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and David Beckham. Together all the players built the academy teams 'Red Devil' it, Fergie consecrating themselves to be rulers in the Premier League Premier League era; 12 successful title they won.

Policy to use young players in the squad to be maintained by Fergie to the transfer market this summer. One was seen with 18-year-old midfielder, Nick Powell.

"I could see Powell became a big surprise for us this season even though he was only 18 years old. And that's the difference Manchester United with other clubs - we can play a 18-year-old player because it's part of our history," said Fergie on ESPN Star.

"It's like destiny for us. If the young players showing ability, we play it, and it never makes us fail."

"No other club can do it. City will not do. They're not going to play young players produced by their system."

"What they're buying all aged 25, 26, or 27 years. Players 'so' with maturity and experience. City can not provide the opportunity for young players because they have a team with a good age group."

"They do not have the players over the age of 30 years, but they do not play one of the young players and their fans do not expect young players come through such a process is happening at United," said 70-year-old manager.

Last season, Fergie finally offered an opportunity for the two names is a graduate of Manchester United, Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley, to play in the first team. Welbeck assessed appear relatively okay, while Cleverley rising early in the season before being hit by injuries.

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