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Children lecherous old man repeatedly sexually abused Bladder

Riadi (30) bear intercourse with her own child, Nr, is still sitting in 6th grade. Depraved acts that he did when his wife was not home.

Nr exposed when the incident complained of pain in the pubic to Vera (26), mother Nr. In addition, Nr always afraid.

After Vera tried to persuade her son to tell you, finally admitted to having fucked Riadi Nr. Nr was admitted five times Umor Riadi within one month.

"I suspect, when I caught him (Riadi) was spying on my child in the room," said Vera, who had three children together Riadi dikaruni and Nr is their first child.

Vera told, between she and her husband Riadi, it had not been for sexual relationships. In fact, sometimes only once in two weeks. In addition, Riadi seem indifferent to him, so there is suspicion.

"It is checked at the nearest midwife and my child is injured in his genitals," said Vera to the officer.

Nr of narrative to his mother, he had five times Umor in the house when her mother was going out to work as a laundress around.

Nr Umor four times in the last room and Umor in the bathroom.

Every time Riadi Nr intercourse, Riadi often threatened with a shard of glass shard and use hand clamped mouth Nr.

"The word Nr, prior to (Umor), Riadi had showed pornographic movies. Nr admitted last experienced on Wednesday (5/23/2012) in the bathroom," said Vera.

Meanwhile, the suspects are still undergoing Riadi in Perlindangan Unit Women and Children (PPA), was dodging and does not recognize the immoral act.

"Indeed he (the victim Nr) the child of me. I do not know, I feel reluctant to make mistakes and I only just. It's all done, then home again I'm lonely since his wife left the house to wash clothes at a neighbor's house. I was not abused," Riadi said.

Riadi officer arrested at his home Jl Seduduk White RT 09 RW 03 Ex 8 IT II, ​​on Wednesday (5/30/2012), while it is busy playing Play Station (PS).

When officers arrested leaders Kanit Pidum Iptu Nanang Suprayatna, Riadi who admitted working as a rickshaw puller to try going over the fence home run off with.

Palembang police chief Pol Comm Sabaruddin Ginting through visible
Criminal Commissioner Julianto Djoko said, officers have secured the suspect and are still in the intensive investigation of witnesses and suspects.

Men sexually abused children Snotnose depraved

I wonder what is in the mind of Gordon Pardede. As if dark eyes, middle-aged men who work as part time teachers are abusing, minors. In fact, this immoral action he did in front of the victim's mother.

Gordon depraved actions carried out earlier this year. Victim's mother, Mery Wati new Tarigan ventured into Mapolres Siantar reported on Tuesday (5/29/2012) yesterday. Mery is a citizen of Titi Street Village bulb of the Red River, Subdistrict Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang regency.

Information obtained in Mapolres Pematangsiantar mention depraved action takes place at home part time teachers in the hallway I Jalan Jati Linggar BDB, Village Siopat Temperature, Eastern District Siantar.

Revealed, after doing immoral acts, Gordon gave the victim money in order not to talk to anyone. Gordon, if proven to be charged under Article 81 (2) subs 82 Law No 23 of 2002 on Protection of children.

While in Pollewali Mandar, seoran civil servants (PNS) Sury, reported her husband, Rudy, to the police for allegedly having an affair with Nur, a former student of her husband's girlfriend.

Sury Nur was caught in her dorm room. Objected to the attitude of Rudy and his mistress Nur Sury finally complained to the police case. Investigators told the police Wonomulyo, Polewali Mandar, Tuesday (05/29/2012), Sury said he did not receive treatment that bear her husband's affair.

The Queen Candidates in the Euro 2012 WAGs

Euro 2012 events in Ukraine and Poland began June 8 will be shocked by the presence of wives and sweethearts players or WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). They will provide support for husband present, and the couple's favorite teams are all out.

Of the many WAGs who will be present at the grand event, there are some that could be considered would be a queen candidate. Who are they?

In any organization of Euro 2012 we could not miss England. This team will be led by Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool players. Steven certainly will have the full support from Alex Curran, wife. Arguably, the most WAGs Alex is a senior figure in the ranks of England WAGs.

Alex is expected to be the audience's attention membetot Euro 2012 because of her sexuality. Despite having given birth several times, Alex still charming. Alex had been one of several commanders WAGs at the World Cup in Germany last, along with Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney, although their behavior in this event had been accused of outrageous and embarrassing because of their party title in this event is to pair them so loss of concentration.

Born on 23 September 1982, Alex is known as the British model. The girl who also have a perfume business with her own label is also the author of the article (columnist) in the Daily Mirror. In 2007, The Times never named as the ├╝ber-WAG Alex.

The legend says Alex with the England WAGs already booked the hotel for their stay during Euro 2012. Coleen Rooney with Alex, Christine Bleakley, and Toni Terry reportedly will stay at a hotel the same.

WAGs are also going to draw public attention to Euro 2012 is Sara Carbonero. He was the beloved Spanish captain Iker Casillas. Not just a pretty face and sexy body, Sara is also a brilliant brain.

Everyday he is known as a sports reporter and presenter on Spanish television station, Telecinco. The questions which he handed to the interviewees, both coaches and players, always sharp. He also did not hesitate to interrogate his own beloved Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Saint, who let the ball from the opponent until soft scored a goal against Spain when Spain against Switzerland at the 2010 World Cup ended with the victory of Switzerland.

At that Sara dropped directly into the field reports and interviewed Iker coverage before and after the match. Adult men's magazine FHM U.S. edition in July 2009 once the above position to favor Carbonero Erin Andrews (ESPN presenter) in the list of sexiest female sports reporter. March 2012, the magazine published by the Spanish, Lecturas, be the first preaching engagement with Sara Carbonero Iker Casillas.

There is another figure of Alena Seredova. Czech top model currently living in Italy this is the beloved Italian captain, Gianluigi Buffon. The couple had two children. Alena exact figure will also take a lot of attention of the audience Euro 2012 because of her sexuality.

Of the German national team, figures to be the Queen of WAGs featured none other than Claudia Schattenberg, wife of the German captain Phillipp Lahm. Before marriage, the couple had a long courtship, before he married in a small town Aying, near the city of Munich, Germany four days after a successful third-place winner in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Windmills of the country, a figure that would WAGs membetot attention is Andrea, wife of Mark Van Bommel, the Dutch national team captain. Meanwhile, the Russian national team players, will support the spirit of Julia Arshavin, the Russian captain partner, Andrei Arshavin

The couple met in the summer of 2003 and then decided to live at home. After 3.5 seasons at Arsenal grazing her husband, she must swallow all his words before. Andrey and Julia who are tennis enthusiasts a predicate called David-Victoria Beckhamnya Russia.

Many other WAGs who will become a byword for Euro 2012 is Irina Shayk, the Russian model of a lover Portugal captain, Cristiano Ronaldo. Since Ronaldo's lover, model birth Yemanzhelinsk, Russia, has become uah lip-pose as pose a challenge in various media as well as famous names Ronaldo as one of the world's three best players.

New Manchester United's bid for Sneijder

Long time no broke back his transfer saga, FC Internazionale midfielder Wesley Sneijder eventually returned approached by one of the most serious team to ask for her hand, Manchester United.

As reported by O Jogo, the Red Devils still put a great curiosity in the Dutch playmaker. Sneijder is not the latest target for United, since last summer, Alex Ferguson's side is a party to launch a bid to Inter, but always at a dead end and ultimately the rate of transfer of the midfielder was endless.

Aware of Eden Hazard - Lille superstar - has acquired Chelsea, United had tried his luck again revise their bid proposal for Sneijder. This time, The Red Devils came up with a pretty tempting offer, ie € 36 million.

Sneijder himself reportedly was ready to talk seriously with the United. Moreover, the midfielder has kept the dream grazing in the English Premier League competition.

Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund Agrees Price Shinji Kagawa

Shinji Kagawa just one step away to join Manchester United after the Premier League club reached an agreement with Borussia Dortmund transfer value.

According to German media reports, United reached an agreement with Dortmund on Kagawa transfer fee amounting to 22 million euros.

If the process of finalizing the deal happen, then Dortmund will profit from the sale of the Kagawa.

Because Dortmund from Cerezo Osaka Kagawa get in the summer of 2010 with only redeem $ 350 thousand euros.

But in terms of contribution, Kagawa departure would be a great loss to Dortmund in the next season. Because the 23-year-old became the main actor giant success the German Bundesliga champions won two domestic trophies this season.

Kagawa scored 16 goals and ten assists in all competitions for Dortmund this season.

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Jorge Lorenzo More Confident

2012 MotoGP standings leader, Jorge Lorenzo ready for a special race at Montmelo circuit, Barcelona to be held this weekend, Sunday (03/06/2012). The victory at LeMans has made him more confident.

Montmelo circuit is where the distance is very close to his home in Majorca. Of course not excessive if it refers to race this weekend as the race for her cage.

"The victory at LeMans has made me more confident. Now we will deal with race in Barcelona, ​​a place that even I do not have to board the plane first. I love the race on the circuit which is very close to home," said the Yamaha rider.

He was impressed with the support and enthusiasm of the supporters of the race was held there. Lorenzo thus determined to be the best ability to issue fans can take comfort and be able to celebrate another victory celebration there.

"I have many memories of some of my wins and several podium finishes there. Not only the time in the MotoGP class but also the time in the 250cc class," said the 2010 MotoGP world champion.

Lorenzo never tasted victory in Barcelona twice, namely in the 2010 MotoGP season and race the 250cc class in 2007. Last season, the race of 25 laps, Stoner managed to become the winner of the MotoGP race in Barcelona. While Lorenzo took second place with a gap of 2.4 seconds.

Lorenzo, rider of the season racing back using the number 99 was estimated at the Barcelona race will not be easily bypassed. Many challenges it will face.

"I expect will be a tough race, because our rivals are very strong. Although I had previously won at LeMans and has given us extra confidence," he said. "We know we can perform fast and we should have started since the concentration of free practice session Friday," he added.

In four series races have been held this season, Lorenzo has earned two wins and two runner-up. Lorenzo won the victory in the first series in Qatar and the fourth series in France. In the second and third series in Jerez and Estoril he finished runner-up.

Difference in points between Lorenzo with Casey Stoner is eight points. Lorenzo collected 90 points while Stoner 82 points. There are still 14 rounds left to face this season.

After one step, MU Get Kagawa

Midfielder Shinji Kagawa workers reportedly will join Manchester United for a fee of € 15 million (Rp175, 55 billion).

After the previous proposal was rejected Manchester United Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga champions finally accepted the offer of MU. Energetic midfielder Shinji Kagawa finally direlakan Dortmund with a dowry of € 15 million.

Kagawa recently been linked with Manchester United, but the certainty-old midfielder's move 23 it became clear after sporting director Michael Zorg expressed "some details still to be resolved."

According to news reported by the two clubs have agreed Kicker Kagawa transfer of € 15 million. Transfer value could swell to € 22 million (Rp257, 482 billion) with some additional clauses.

Kagawa has recently stated that he had met with coach Alex Ferguson of Manchester United move to Old Trafford. Although some clubs are also keen to sign him, Manchester United became the club most likely to land Kagawa.

The former Cerezo Osaka moved to Dortmund in season 2010/11 and helped the club is based at Westfalenstadion Bundesliga champion during the last two seasons. Kagawa also became the center line of the motor DFB Pokal Dortmund to win a trophy this season.

Madonna World Tour Begins at Tel Aviv

Jerusalem - U.S. pop diva Madonna will launch a world tour titled "MDNA" in Tel Aviv, Thursday, May 31, 2012. Ahead of the concert, the owner of the name Madonna Louise Ciccone has landed in the holy land of Jerusalem.

The motorcade carrying the group nicknamed The Material Girl singer is entering a Tel Aviv hotel parking lot is equipped with a guard of media invasion. Madonna fans, dressed like a superstar at the Madonna-themed parties in clubs and bars of Tel Aviv.

The singer of the song "Like a Virgin" is not a Jew, but he has adopted the Hebrew name Esther and study Judaism. In Israel, he was known as "Queen Esther" and announced by the Israeli media as "the Queen has arrived".

Madonna is expected to visit the holy places in Israel ahead of world tour "MDNA".

Paul Gascoigne Botox Injection For Find Friends Dating

Paul Gascoigne familiar with alcohol, drugs, and her style is sloppy, including violence, in addition to techniques that have made him admired qualified as one of the best talent the UK has ever had. However, all this is past a figure who is familiarly called Gazza.

Gazza is now different with a Gazza certainly a first. The cause is a change in lifestyle that the former Lazio. Durnston born man was now struggling away from the "old friend", alcohol and inject Botox to tighten sagging skin due to age.

Physical effects of alcohol for men 45 years is enormous. When I was "making out" with alcohol, the more difficult to control Gazza temperament. Impact, Gazza had done violence to his ex-wife.

Owner of the cap 57 and 10 goals for The Three Lions were admitted alcohol bring harm to his marriage to Sheryl that lead to divorce. At that time, Gazza often physical and psychological violence due to alcoholism.

Are familiar with alcohol and then divorced with Sheryl, Gazza admitted that her difficult time finding a mate, Gazza even admitted he had tried to get a date through the internet. According to Gazza, it is because almost everyone knew him as a drunk and violent offenders.

"I got the number one, they asked my name, I say Paul Gascoigne. I waited, and I know what they do, they searched on Google. Then I got the, 'you mean soccer player Paul Gascoigne?' Then, 'Sorry, date canceled', 'I Gazza told The Times.

While playing a man who was nicknamed The Clown's slowly starting to realize evils of alcohol. Gazza finally decided to enter alcohol rehab Bournemouth.

In Bournemouth, Gazza getting treatment to overcome addiction to alcohol. As reported by the Daily Mail, Gazza told its activities every morning. Every morning Gazza been to Providence Projects care center to meet with counselors. Gazza was often spent time visiting his agent, Terry Barker and his wife, drove to his loneliness.

Addiction to alcohol also causes the skin loosens and Gazza looked older than her age. Figure who had made Sir Alex Ferguson was disappointed Manchester United failed to bring it to finally choose to inject Botox to skin back tight.

Botox was not only makes the skin tighten Gazza back, but make sports equipment manufacturer, Umbro, using his services as an icon of English national team.

Currently, Gazza was still undergoing treatment of alcoholism that followed since the last 18 months, including injecting Botox into the skin.

The bodies of three bags in the RS Police Arrive

Jakarta: A number of pieces of plane crash victims' bodies Sukhoi Superjet 100 is re-discovered last Sunday by the resident, arrived at the Police Hospital, Kramatjati, East Jakarta, Tuesday (29/5) night. Three body bags were transported using two ambulances and one Police car escort from Sukabumi, West Java [read: Citizens Still Find The victim].

Two of the three officers carried body bags containing body parts of victims Sukhoi aircraft. More pouch containing a metal plate that will be submitted to the National Transportation Safety Committee or NTSC.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft crashed on the slopes of Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java, on May 9 last in joyflight or demo flight. Announced as many as 45 passengers were killed, 35 of whom are Indonesian citizens and 10 foreign nationals. The current NTSC continue to explore the causes of the fall of the Russian-made commercial aircraft.

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Manchester United and City Decline, Eden Hazard Select Join Chelsea

Expectation about where the club is so new port Eden Hazard finally revealed. Belgian midfielder reveal where the next destination after the pull of Lille. Strong indication, the club is Chelsea.

Previously, Hazard was only associated with the two big clubs from Manchester City. But after the Blues won the Champions League, Hazard began to make informed choices.

Monday (5/28/2012) morning, Tottenham Hotspur striker, Louis Saha has been suggested to be joining Chelsea Hazard. And the player had already promised to make a choice on this day.

The promise was kept, through his twitter account, @ hazardeden10, Hazard explaining his decision to join the club winning the Champions League crown. In this case, saying he is better, leading to Chelsea, though he did not mention clearly the name of the destination club.

"As I promised. I will join the European champions. I signed up with the winner of the Champions League," Hazard chirping on twitter.

If the cue Hazard actually prove it, meaning he will be the second recruit of the Blues after German midfielder Marko Marin.

Honeymoon in Rome, Mark Zuckerberg - Chan Joyless

ROME-The husband and wife Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are spending their honeymoon in Rome, Italy. But the founder of Facebook and his new wife married a dozen these days do not look happy.

Caught a number of media, was sitting in a crowd of visitors at a restaurant in the heart of Rome, Mark looks gloomy. He looked at her straight. While Chan was just looking at the floor. Expression, are equally gloomy.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, during the honeymoon, Facebook CEO and his wife is seen in a number of attractions. Monitored their honeymoon trip to local residents, not on Facebook but twitter. They also look at the Church of the Sistine Vatican, Spanish Steps and The Restaurant Eaten in Pierluigi built since 1938 and Colleseum.

Mark married his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan on Saturday, May 19, 2012. A simple sacred ceremony took place in the garden behind her house in Palo Alto, San Francisco. Zuckerberg and Chan invited about 100 guests. The hotel was originally thought, it was a graduation party Chan of medical school. Many were surprised, if it turns Chan, and Zuckenberg celebrate their wedding.

Although Zuckerberg is a multi-billionaire, he gave his wife a diamond ring two rocky marriage. The ring is estimated to be worth 25 000 U.S. dollars or 232 million dollars.

Current boss about the problem whipped up this melorotnya stock price up from its inaugural offering price (IPO). Social networking is losing billions of dollars over this incident. Facebook's stock price continued to decline until the U.S. 31 dollar from the initial price of 38 dollars.

Intel Introduces Third Generation Processors

Company Intel officially introduced the Intel Core processor family is commonly called third-generation Ivy Bridge.

The new chip is believed to provide improved performance computing, visual display for gaming and multimedia usage.

Ivy Bridge is the first chip that uses tri-gate transistor 22 nanometers.

"It provides a number of advantages over previous generations of Intel processors," said Intel Chief Representative of Indonesia, Santhosh Viswanathan, Intel's office in Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday, May 28, 2012.

Thanks to technology tri-gate transistor is 22 nanometers, allowing the number of transistors packed into a single chip is increasing, because the distance between transistors only 22 nanometers.

Shantos said more than 1,000 transistors in a processor chip is the third generation.

With the growing number of transistors, the third generation of Intel Core processors are able to offer better performance than previous generations. One is to push the level of heat generated.

Another advantage is the improved 3D graphics performance and capabilities of high definition media processors up to two times more than the previous generation of chips.

The new chip delivers improved performance up to 10 percent of the microprocessor and capable of accelerating the flow of data from and into the chip.

Improved performance in this new processor comes from the structure of the format of three-dimensional transistor. Until now, computers, servers, and other devices still use two-dimensional planar transistor.

By adding a third dimension to the transistor, allowing Intel increased the density of transistors and adding more new features into each cubic millimeter of the processor.

Other updates are performed on Intel's latest processor chip is changing the architecture as well as minimize the size of the transistor base.

During this time, the usual Intel, the new production process was introduced in one year and then a new chip architecture followed.

In addition, third-generation Intel Core processor is powered by Intel HD Graphics 4000, which is capable of displaying graphics performance up to two times better than previous generation processors.

On this occasion, David Tjahjadi, Channel Platform Manager Intel Indonesia demonstrated the superiority of the latest graphics processors in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with Full HD 1080p resolution.

Attacking the paparazzi, Justin Bieber Police Examined

Teen singer Justin Bieber Los Angeles police investigators questioned because of reports of a paparazzi who have been beaten by Bieber in one of the shopping center. On those occasions, it was reported the singer's song Never Say Never try to seize the camera and there was a physical fight.

The fight was thought to occur because the photographer was trying to take a photo with the singer 18 years his girlfriend, Selena Gomez are just out of the movie The Commons at Calabasas Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Seeing his beloved emotion, Gomez was trying to calm Bieber. Also had an argument going on outside the car that attracted the attention of other pedestrians. After a quiet Bieber finally left the scene with the hand that covered his face as if ashamed of his actions.

Sheriff Robert Wiard said the paparazzi were called 911 after complaining of pain in his chest. The photographer was taken to a local hospital for treatment was given.

According to Wiard, Bieber and Gomez was gone when police arrived on the scene. So the police tried to request information Bieber chronological version.

Joint Team Still Find FDR

Sukabumi  - A joint team from the National Transportation Safety Committee and the Air Force Paskhas still do a search "flight data recorder" or flight data recording Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane that crashed in the area of ​​Mount Salak, Bogor Regency.

"The team from NTSC and Paskhas TNI is currently conducting a search FDR (flight data recorder) at the crash site," said the commander 061/Suryakencana, Bogor, Colonel (Inf) AM Putranto told reporters, in Sukabumi, Monday.

Search part of the flight data records, or better known as black boxes (black box) so far have not produced results.

According to him, the search is still underway around the wreckage that fell on Wednesday (9/8).

"The search has not produced results, the team has been at its current location continues berusahan find the most important part of the black box," he added.

In addition to searching the black box, the plan on Tuesday (29/5) a joint team of Army, Police, nature lovers, forest rangers and local people who found the remains will be evacuated at the crash site.

The plan, the team will depart at around 5:00 pm which was officially released to the evacuation of the Post Murbay Mist Mountain Salak National Park (TNGHS).

"We're going to evacuate on Tuesday morning, we were bringing the people as a signpost for what we know Cicurug District 13 residents, Sukabumi district found the bodies of victims has not yet been evacuated," said Putranto.

Man Arrested in China Related Cannibalism

Beijing - Police in southwest China have arrested a man suspected of killing more than 12 young children, mutilated bodies of the victims and their meat sold for consumption for other people.

Zhag Yongming (56) was arrested two weeks ago in a village in Yunnan province Nanmen and is under investigation for the murder of a young boy who was 19 years old at the end of April.

Zhang Police searched the house and found the belongings of the child, such as mobile phones, bank cards, and other evidence. According to Guangxi News website as saying that more than a dozen other young children, lost in the village several years ago.

The website also said that Zhang had once served time in prison for nearly 20 years for murder.

Zhang is known by villagers as a cannibal monster, the site reported, quoting the words of the villagers, who saw a green bag hanging at his home, and the white bones visible at the top of the bag.

Local police declined to comment when contacted by AFP on Friday, saying that information would be available "at the right time", and other reports about the terrible case it seems to be removed from the sites of China.

But Hong Kong newspaper, The Standard said on Friday that police entered the home of the human eyeball Zhang found preserved in a bottle of wine and cured meats hanging in his house.

Police are concerned that Zhang's third feeding his dog with human flesh, while selling the other parts of the body of the victim in the market by calling it "ostrich meat," according to the Standard newspaper.

Beijing sent a team of experts to Yunnan to oversee the investigation of the missing teen and two local police chief sacked from their posts, the official news agency Xinhua.

Singapore Presents The Angry Birds Hanging Train

As one of the country that became a tourist destination in Asia, Singapore is serving a variety of attractive tourist destinations form the heart of anyone to come to this country.

When the Finnish state has a playground Angry Birds, Singapore did not want to miss. Recently, Singapore has just inaugurated a tourist Angry Birds are almost similar to the playground Angry Birds in Finland.

As ikutip of CNNGO, Monday (28/05), adventure-style Angry Birds from the top of Mount Faber begins June to December, with its main attraction is a cable car themed Angry Birds.

According to authorities the local playground, cable car is available in 3 units. The third cable car diracang with all trinkets Angry Birds. Trains that depict characters Angry Birds bird was chasing a group of evil pigs.

Besides enjoying the view from the cable car, visitors can also play interactive games on it, take part in creative workshops, and enjoy meals a la Angry Birds. Exciting is not it!

Well, for those who wish to enjoy rides on this one, the visitors will be subject to a ticket valued at S $ 29 for adults and S $ 18 dollars for children.

Russia: Sukhoi Victim Insurance USD 1.25 billion / People

Jakarta : The Russian Embassy has sent a letter to the House of Representatives Commission V. They are willing to pay the insurance claim amounting to Rp 1.25 billion to the victims of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane crash on Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java.

Insurance USD 1.25 billion awarded per person. Figures are given according to Regulation of the Minister of Transportation. The plan submitted to the insurance starting this week.

Hazard's Choice Set

He still does not mention which club they choose.

Puzzle where the selected club Eden Hazard is likely to be known. Because the Belgian star said it was determine the choice.

However, he still does not want to open a club where they choose. The 21-year-old player is in the spotlight after three Premier League clubs, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City chasing him.

"Good evening all. I've decided. Bye, thank you," he writes in the Hazard Twitter account, @ hazardeden10 Sunday (27/5) night.

Of the three clubs, British media said the majority of Chelsea who have the greatest opportunity. Meanwhile, Manchester United also tried hard to persuade regulators to attack them. One was the "send" Patrice Evra to persuade Hazard.

Regarding prices, the possibility that the club should get Hazard reached 30 million pounds and pay the salaries of 170 000 pounds per week.

Egyptian Salafi Party Support Moursi

CAIRO - ultra-nationalist party Salafis in Egypt, An-Nur, has announced it will support the candidate of the Muslim Mohammed Ichwanul Moursi in the second round presidential election against former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

"High-Party Committee of An-Nur support Dr. Mohammed Moursi as president of the republic in the second round (the vote)," the party said in its official account on Twitter.

The first official results of presidential elections in Egypt since the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak was announced. Egypt's electoral commission announced the results of a vote scheduled for Monday evening local time.

Unofficial results announced by local media and the Muslim Ichwanul Moursi set against Shafiq in the second round of voting, after neither candidate won 50 percent of the vote in the first round.

But the Chief Election Commission Hatem Bagato on Sunday night (27/5), reminiscent of "results announced so far are just the instructions".

"The commission in the process of reviewing the complaint (the deviation) and this call can change a particular outcome," said Bagato told private television station An-Nahar, was quoted as saying by AFP - which monitored ANTARA here on Monday night.

An-Nur previous party support moderate leaders and former members of the Muslim Abdel Moneim Abul Ichwanul Fotouh in the presidential election after Hazem Abu Ismail their candidate was disqualified from the race.

Moursi and Shafiq had contacted their former competitors in an effort to form a coalition of support for the second half.

So far, none of the major competitors - including Abul Fotouh, a candidate in the third figure Hamdeen Nasseri Sabbahi or former foreign minister, Amr Moussa - has been shown to support any candidate.

The duality of competition and Organization Making Difficult Players

Jakarta - The professional soccer players in Indonesia said the duality of competition and organization that occurred in the parent organization's national soccer players makes it difficult.

Chairman of the Association of Professional Players Indonesia (APPI) Ponaryo Astaman in Jakarta on Monday said the players hope after organizational problems to be solved, in the future there will be only one league to take shelter under the PSSI.

"IFSA expects and supports the stewardship of one league in one federation in Indonesia which is legally recognized under the auspices of FIFA to manage a professional football Indonesia," he said.

Several members of the APPI held a meeting to discuss the current situation relating to dualism and dualism competition led organization that PSSI PSSI Djohar Arifin and board leadership of La Nyalla Mattalitti as a result of the Extraordinary Congress which was attended by 81 owners of valid votes.

Stressed, professional football players who are members of APPI hoped that issue could be resolved quickly, if not, then the fate of the players became erratic.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 13 Indonesian Premier League (IPL) and several club Indonesia Super League (ISL) that each express his thoughts in observing the latest developments, which under the leadership of PSSI Djohar Arifin being threatened with sanctions by the FIFA deadline 15 June.

IFSA members were later issued a statement saying that they feared his football development in Indonesia is no longer conducive and detrimental to the players.

Separately, FC midfielder, Firman Utina said problems that occur in the body of football federation today is marginalize the existence of the players.

Not only financial issues, the fate of the players are also threatened by the existence of chaotic the bleak.

"Impact is very much like the player salary issue is more difficult as yet uncertain federation issues. Then, if indeed there is one league will be disbanded, that means also a victim of the players. This is what we are talking to us to convey to the federation," The Word says.

Word adds the impact of dualism and the dualism of the management organization of the league has been very ensnare the players, where the salaries of the players are not paid on time and in danger of no longer get a new club if at odds with club policy.

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Profiles Second Round

CAIRO - Chairman of the General Elections Commission (KPU) of Egypt, Farouk Soltan, on Monday named two of the 13 presidential candidates (candidates) who won the most votes to compete in presidential elections (presidential) The second round will be held on 16 and June 17 future.

The second phase of this election is done because in the first round of elections that took place 23 and May 24, there are no candidates who won an absolute majority of 50 percent over one vote.

The two candidates who obtained the most votes is Dr Mohamed Moursi (60) of the Muslim Brotherhood and independent candidate General (Rtd) Ahmed Shafik (70).

Moursi perched at the top of a thin margin of votes with 5.7 million votes, while Shafik took second place with 5.5 million votes.

The following profile of the two presidential candidates successor Hosni Mubarak who was overthrown in a revolution at the beginning of last year.

Moursi, born in the village of Adwah, Syarqiyah Province, eastern Egypt, on August 20, 1951 from a simple peasant family.

Currently, he chaired the Freedom and Justice Party, or Hezb Hurriyah Wal is, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He earned a doctorate in engineering materials at the University of Southern California in 1982, and has lectured as an assistant professor at the university in 1982-1985.

At 1985-2010, chaired the department of materials engineering Moursi on Zakazik University, Egypt, and engineering professor at Cairo University.

Since 1977, Moursi was active in the Muslim Brotherhood and repeatedly went to prison on a charge of an underground movement to overthrow the government.

Indeed, all three from the Egyptian regime of President Gamal Abdel Nasser (1953-1970), continued the regime of President Anwar Saddat (1970-1981) to President Mubarak (1981-2011), the Muslim Brotherhood declared a banned organization.

His last position in the Muslim Brotherhood, he was a member (Ershad) or the governing board in the ranks of influential organizations.

In the general election in 2000, Moursi Tepilih as a member of parliament and was elected spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold in the legislative council.

Moursi has a wife and blessed with five children and three grandchildren.

The candidates Ahmed Shafik, was born in Cairo on 8 November 1941. He was a career military since 1961 and retired in 2002.

Shafik served in the military Chief of Staff of the Air Force in 1996-2002.

Shafik later appointed Minister of Civil Aviation in 2002-2011.

When the revolution broke out January 25, 2011, Shafik was appointed prime minister for four weeks from January 31 until March 3, 2011.

Shafik cabinet was dissolved following the collapse of the regime led by President Mubarak on February 11, 2011.

Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Other attractions Korea, the National Park Bukhansan

Travel to South Korea not only to Jeju Island or Mount Kumgang. Ginseng in this country, you can visit the National Park Bukhansan.

Bukhansan means "Mountain of the North Han," referring to it lies to the north of the Han River. This area is also a sign of the northern boundary of Seoul in the Joseon era, and is located in northern Seoul.

Unlike other national parks in South Korea, Bukhansan National Park in the center of the city, exactly on the border of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do with an area of ​​79.9 km. Bukhansan National Park serves as the 'lungs' for surrounding towns.

Dozens of canyons, granite peaks, and crystal clear streams you can find here. In addition there are over 1,300 species of flora and fauna, as well as a variety of historical sites like Fort Bukhansanseong that has existed for more than 2,000 years, and over 100 Buddhist temples and monks are here too.

Bukhansan National Park is a popular tourist attraction in Seoul, especially Mount Bukhansan known as one of the goals to see the birds or hiking in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Location Bukhansan National Park can be accessed from anywhere through the metropolitan area. With approximately five million visitors every year, the park is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "National parks are frequented by the unit."

Coronado Beaches, Best Beaches in America

Professor is starting to rank the best beaches in America since 1991. And this year's title was given to Coronado Beach, San Diego, California, Amerika.Sang professor named Stephen Leatherman. He served as director of the laboratory for coastal research at Florida International University. Leatherman, also known as "Dr. Beach". Coronado Beach was chosen to be the best based on 50 criteria, including, wide beaches, sand color, slope, water temperature, rainfall frequency, the noise factor and the presence of a lifeguard (lifeguard). "The beach is flat and extends for several hundred yards. So it is very good for a walk and play, "said Leatherman. "The weather is fantastic. Good water quality, and the lifeguard program was good making it safe for families." The beauty of this beach is also supported by the Hotel del Coronado which was founded in 1888 and has been known as one of the world's best places to stay.

Here are 10 best beaches in 2012 version of Dr. Beach is launching Friday, May 25.
1. Beach Coronado, San Diego, California
2. Kahanamoku beach, Oahu, Hawaii
3. Main Beach, East Hampton, New York
4. St. George Island State Park Florida Panhandle
5. Hamoa beach, Maui, Hawaii
6. Coast Guard beach, Eastham, Massachusetts
7. Waimanolo Bay beach, Oahu, Hawaii
8. Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne, Florida
9. Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
10. Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Kagawa Rejected bid for Manchester United

Manchester United's bid to attract Shinji Kagawa of Borussia Dortmund is deemed not in accordance with the official that their stakes.

Manchester United are said to have made ​​a bid of £ 13 million (Rp188, 463 billion) to get Shinji Kagawa. Unfortunately, the value was rendered in accordance with the desired price Dortmund.

As reported by the Guardian, Dortmund midfielder aged 23 to fix the price was worth £ 16 million (Rp231, 955 billion).

Yet when buying Kagawa of the Japanese club Cerezo Osaka last two seasons, Dortmund transfer cost only £ 280 thousand (Rp4, 059 billion) alone.

The Red Devils mentioned going to bid again for the realization of their desires within two weeks.

The amount of MU wishes to bring to Old Trafford Kagawa seen when Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson took time to look straight appearance. Kagawa scored a success at Dortmund beat Bayern Munich 5-2 in German Cup final.

This season, Kagawa contributed 13 goals from 31 games and became one of the motor Dortmund in their midfield. Own Dortmund Bundesliga champion by a margin of eight points from Munich.

Kagawa is seen as being appropriate for a player brought to Old Trafford, where he is still young, still growing and can be pulled with a value that is not too high.

Berlusconi Degree Sex Party Worth Billions

Rome: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi spent 16 million pounds, or about Rp 231 billion to roll out an orgy with prostitutes. Party with the "interest rate" was reportedly held in Berlusconi's residence in an area near Milan, a few years ago.

As proclaimed page Zee News, Sunday (27/5), the shocking news about the "comfort women" was revealed in court that 75-year-old man. In the trial, the former Italian prime minister has denied paying a small amount to sex workers.

However, the judge said that dozens of women in the party get money, cars and jewelry for her presence and entertainment are willing to sleep with the politicians who attended the party. The women in attendance were reportedly wearing a nun costume and police, as well as perform an erotic dance to entertain Berlusconi and his guests in attendance.

According to information from the former Italian Prime accountant Giuseppe Spinelli, in 2009 and 2010, he had been ordered to withdraw the money for 16 million pounds from the bank. Spinelli then drove to the residence of Berlusconi, located near Milan, where the sex party was being held in the basement. "He would say how much to put in an envelope," said Spinelli.

Berlusconi, who resigned from his post last year, is currently facing trial on the charge having sex with underage girls. He was accused of having sex with a girl named Karima El Mahroug or better known as Ruby Heartbreaker who was 17 years old.

Scandal 'Vatileaks' rattles the Vatican

Vatican - Catching the main assistant to shake the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI. Scandal that tarnished the face of the Holy See, said the Associated Press news site, revealing the internal power struggles, intrigue, and corruption at the highest levels of government that the Catholic Church.

Paolo Gabriele, one of several members of the papal household, dicokok this weekend. He was accused of contributing to divulge the number of papal documents. Associated Press calls this week as the most tense weeks in the history of the Vatican and the Holy throw into chaos, after the urge to show the world that they are seriously adhere to international norms of financial transparency.

Scandal that is often referred Vatileaks thickened earlier this week after a book based on a leaked Vatican document, including correspondence, notes and memos to the pope and his private secretary. Then, followed by bank executives pelengseran affiliated with the Holy See on Thursday. Saturday, chief steward himself Pope Benedict XVI dicokok for allegedly leaking documents contributing to the Italian journalist.

"If you write this in fiction, you will not believe it," said Carl Anderson, board member of the Vatican bank that contributed to the vote of in disbelief at the bank president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. "Editors will not let you put it into a novel."

Bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, issued a scathing condemnation on Gotti Tedeschi in a memorandum obtained by The Associated Press. Bank, known as IOR - acronym in Italian - that explains the reason to expel Gotti Tedeschi: he routinely absent from board meetings, failed to perform his duty, failed to defend the bank, having the polarization problem, and displays "personal behavior increasingly erratic."

The dismissal was issued at the time Moneyval, a European Commission agency in charge of counteracting money laundering, preparing to check out the Vatican Bank related to the standardization of international financial transactions at the beginning of July.

Previously, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi and another senior official was the target of an investigation after two suspicious transactions be reported to local police. Italian team of prosecutors investigating the possibility of money laundering has been done.

A number of records that leaked earlier this year revealed a difference between Vatican officials related to how much can ensure financial transparency. IOR is created during World War II in order to manage the various accounts of the Roman Catholic order.

Gotti Tedeschi has not commented publicly about pelengserannya or reason behind it. He just says it has too much admiration for the pope.

The Vatican spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Gabriele has met with his lawyer. Gabriele Lombardi said the arrests marked a sad development for all staff of the Vatican. "Everyone knows he's in the Vatican, and it will definitely shock and pain, and affection for loved ones," the spokesman said.

Gabriele, a personal butler Pope since 2006, has been frequently seen on the side of Pope Benedict in public. He also joined up in the front seat of an open jeep to protect the Pope or the Pope of the rain. Personally, he was a member of the papal household, including the Pope's personal secretary and four nuns who care for the papal apartments.

The scandal began in January when the smell Vatileaks Italian journalist, Gianluigi Nuzzi, publishes a letter from the administrator No. 2 The Vatican on Pope's request that he not be moved. He had been expected on the alleged corruption of millions of euros by way of manipulating the contract.

Nuzzi, who previously wrote Vatican SpA, last week published the Hiss Holiness, which he wrote based on a leaked Vatican document. The number two of the papacy, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, is depicted in a negative light in this book.

Nuzzi said a Vatican document from many sources. He also admitted to not pay a dime to get it.

Charlie Stillitano: Sir Alex Ferguson Retirement Can not say

A journalist from the United States, Charlie Stillitano, said Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has no retirement plans for next season.

On Friday (25/5) and then, Stillitano do an interview with Ferguson, who is a friend for a long time. The conversation was actually in response to comments raised Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan last week.

Stillitano Fergie interview with Sirius XM's program for The Football Show. He suggested the contents of the talks told the Sunday Telegraph.

"He [Ferguson] laughed when I spoke to him on Friday. I asked, 'Are you going to retire? He also said,' No. Nothing has changed. 'That means he will continue to train until the time comes, "said Stillitano.

"If you are able to keep the profession up to the top, then you can stay sharp. That's what Ferguson thought. He did not want to step back. Comments Dave Whelan is not fundamental. He knew Sir Alex, and everyone recognizes, at the age of 70, you need to start thinking about retirement. But, maybe it did not happen in the case of Ferguson. "

"When in Munich when he heard about the 999 call to Ferguson, I was worried in the first few days until I talk to him."

"He had experienced severe pain. He basically had a nosebleed that would not stop. Condition is certainly not pleasant at the age of 70 years, but persistent nosebleed."

"But, I continued to talk to her every day. He is getting better. He looked healthy when I spoke to him on Friday."

Massimo Moratti: Thank Indonesia

MILAN - feeling happy to accompany Massimo Moratti thanks to Indonesia. Inter Milan's president wanted to express my gratitude for the support of the Indonesian people, especially Interisti, during Inter Milan are in Indonesia.

"I would like to thank the fans in Indonesia for happiness, warmth, and passion that we feel," said Moratti at the club's official website.

"I can only see from the television and the stories of those who are in Jakarta for a few days. Since it is impossible for me to be there because of busy work," he continued.

"I was touched and happy. It makes me more eager to work for the sake of the fans are incredible. I think of how to build emotional togetherness and enjoyed immediate success Inter back. Indonesia, I am eternally grateful and will remember this fantastic moment," added the president.

While in Indonesia, Javier Zanetti et al followed a number of activities and two test matches. In the first experiment, Inter League Selection conquered by a score of 3-0. Then, on the last day to stop Indonesia Selection with a score of 4-2.

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Partner in China Bury Old Woman

Chinese police have arrested a young couple who buried alive an old woman because they believed he had died after their car hit a 68-year-old woman.

As reported in Chinese newspapers and quoted by Reuters, the case would cause public outrage of diminishing morale.

China Daily wrote the news of this young couple has just returned from a karaoke night when she struck a woman in the early morning, in Zhejiang province, in eastern China, which is very prosperous.

"A witness said he heard someone crying and saw an old woman lying on the ground, near the car," the story quoted from the testimony of the police.

"A man and woman came out and put the old lady in the car, said they would bring him to the hospital."

But, concerned that will be detained on charges of driving while intoxicated and causing an accident and they believe the victim was no longer alive, the young couple to bury the victims in the street.

However, police later discovered that the old lady was still alive when buried, and experience shortness of breath while buried until she died.

The case was widely discussed in the online service Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, and anger will lead to what some people say 'how immoral modern Chinese society'.

"These things show that our society has a big problem that we do not admit," wrote a user Weibo.

"The people of China, how do you get like this?" wrote another user.

China's economic boom and an increasingly wide gap between rich and poor has changed the social values ​​in China. Many see that materialism and attitude 'to get rich quick' already dominates, and eliminate the social moral.

Last year, the public also had to express his anger came from a video recording of children aged 2 years and ignored the van run over by people passing by in the south of China.

The Jakarta Institute rejects presence of Lady Gaga

JAKARTA - The Jakarta Institute balked digelarnya Lady Gaga concert in Indonesia.

Agency established a campus in Jakarta was rejected because the Lady Gaga concert valued Indonesian culture further exacerbate the current crisis center.

This was stated by Executive Director of the Jakarta Institute, Zulfian S Rehalat in his press conference to Tribunnews.com, Friday (05/25/2012).

"Rejecting the arrival of Lady Gaga to Indonesia because they conflict with national values ​​and not according to the culture of Indonesia," he said.

According Zulfian, both the field of culture, politics, and law, Indonesia is currently experiencing a deep crisis.

In fact, he assessed the situation the country is currently experiencing a setback because many leaders of history, society, and youth have strayed from a national consensus such as the mandate of the Youth Pledge and Reform.

So, if you continue to support the arrival of the "Mother Monster" that the country was deep kodisi today, according Zulfian, are giving a chance of succeeding in Indonesia western culture.

Therefore, he said, The Jakarta Institute urged the government to explicitly reject the presence of Lady Gaga in Indonesia.

Urged the government to immediately establish a national curriculum on komprehenship that formed the character of school education.

"As well as urging the government to make reforms actually as the main agenda in the efforts to combat corruption, economy and energy independence, as well as the achievement of prosperity and justice for the people," he said.

Brief Tour in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a city in the United States. The city is located exactly between the lush hills and sandy beaches. Most tourists come here for sunbathing. The beaches in this city has become a major attraction of the city of Santa Barbara.

Geographically the city of Santa Barbara is located in the western part, precisely in the state of California. In addition to its beautiful beaches, buildings with Spanish-style architecture, and historic Mission Church of Santa Barbara also worth a visit.

If interested you foot step in the city center, here you can see some historic sites such as Santa Barbara County Courthouse, El Presidio de Santa Barbara, and the theater of Granada, Lobero and Arlington.

Not only that, if you pass the Old Mission Santa Barbara at the top of State Street, you will find the cemetery, church, and a Spanish-style museum complete with a vast landscape of vineyards. More than 200 years, this place was founded by the Spanish Franciscans.

With the weather is always sunny throughout the year, the city of Santa Barbara is the most fun place to surf.

Rincon beach that has waves that ideal, this is where you can surf with satisfaction. Once satisfied try scuba diving or kayaking boating around the Channel Islands, or go hiking up the Santa Ynez Mountains.

As an end in sight-seeing in town, stop by the Paseo Nuevo shopping for luxury items and sample local produce at the farmers market Santa Barbara.

Bilbao vs Barcelona: Xavi The Lift Trophy

Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey final, or that the 2012-109, at the Vicente Calderon Stadium on Saturday (5/26/2012) morning. This is the title of the Catalan-26 for the troops in the event that the Indonesian language is called the King's Cup.

Xavi Hernadez appear as a captain in the game last night. He replaced Puyol who is currently with injury. However, Puyol and David Villa, who was also injured, remains up to the podium when the trophy handover.

When the King of Spain gave the trophy, Xavi and Puyol had whispered to each other. Memersilakan Puyol Xavi seems that lifting the trophy for the first time. Xavi initially appeared shy and ask Puyol just do it.

After Xavi lifted the trophy, then he handed it to Puyol. After lifting the cup, then Puyol memersilakan Pinto to go lift. And then Pinto stood some distance away from Puyol and there are few players in the next Puyol. But it's still long-haired captain Pinto memersilakan third turn. It is a tribute to the Pinto. Pinto is the choice of Guardiola as a goalkeeper at the Copa Del Rey, not Victor Valdes. While in the arena of La Liga, Valdes was the number one.

Follow East countries critique Indonesia in Geneva

Executive Director of the Human Rights Working Group Refendi Djamin said, in a forum Universal Periodic Review at the Human Rights Council session in Geneva, not only countries from the Americas and Europe are critical of Indonesia. "The countries of East Asia, too, aka Indonesia-related criticism of religious freedom," said Refendi, as the giver of the recommendations of Indonesia, via video conference, Thursday, May 24, 2012.

Refendi say, one of the country which is a surprise to critics of Japan. The reason for this, the Japanese rarely leave a comment related to the protection of human rights, especially religious freedom.

Japan, said Refendi, said that Indonesia should immediately take action against violations of human rights or religious freedom in Indonesia. In fact, Japan demanded that the perpetrators are brought to justice immediately.

Besides Japan, Pakistan also critiqued. Pakistan provide comments related to the existence of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia. This, according to Deputy Executive Director HRWG Choirul Anam, is unique because Pakistan was in trouble with the status of Ahmadiyah in their region.

"Until Pakistan called the Ahmadiyah, that means the problem of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia are alarming. May they also handle cases of Ahmadis in their region," said Choirul

Timor Leste and Singapore come to give criticism and advice to Indonesia. Singapore sent a criticism related to race and tolerance between religious communities. While Timor-Leste, talked about the improvement of military justice and the search for justice for cases of human rights cases that have been done Indonesia in East Timor. "Timor Leste is very subtle in their criticism and wrap their input," added Choirul.

Take Indonesia Equate AFC Competition Pattern

Jakarta - Asian Football Federation (AFC) is offering the pattern uniformity and competition schedule for the entire federation of football in Asia starting next year.

According to PSSI chairman, Djohar Arifin Husin, the offer will be presented in the AFC Annual Congress of FIFA events in the next 24 to 27 May in Budapest, Hungary.

"AFC and AFF There is agreement that there will be uniformity of the competition. If in Indonesia's competition began in October. So if you agree, starting next year the competition began in January or February," he said in PSSI's office on Monday (5/14/2012).

Djohar argues, if it were realized, the agreement will facilitate Indonesia. Because, season 2011/2012 in Indonesia alone will end in July 2012. So have a lot of time preparing for next season.

"Each club has a lot of time from July to December 2012. Can set the time to recruit players or find a sponsor. So we hope the competition in 2013 became the more the merrier," he said.

In addition, according to Djohar, with the uniform time of competition, the easier Indonesia for foreign players who play most of the citizens of Asian countries.

South Sudan Latest FIFA Become a Member

Southern Sudan on Friday became the 209th member of FIFA, just a year after they declared independence and joined the United Nations.

The country has been accepted by 98 per cent of the members of FIFA's annual congress of the organization do in Budapest.

President of South Sudan Football Association, Oliver Mori Benjamin, reminded the members that his country was at war `` but added, "We promise that we will develop football to fight against war and famine."

Southern Sudan and the Sudan has been ravaged by conflict. Talks between the two countries will resume next week, after weeks of attacks and bombings occurred at the border.

Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

About the Tourism Chile

As one of the countries that enter the South American region and is flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the west side and the mountains of the Andes, the Chilean state has incredible natural beauty.

Geographically, the country of Chile has a width of not more than 150 miles. However, when calculated as a whole from North to South, then the length of Chile reached the 2,700 miles that passes through several climatic zones and a variety of superb views.

Expanse of desert, mountains, glaciers, vineyards, to the beautiful sandy beach, as if inviting us to explore more in this country when it was first set foot in the capital Santiago.

If interested, the lake country in the heart of the Chilean Andes and Easter Island (Easter Island) are mysterious, can be a first exploration of the beauty of the "Chile Wonderland," or the lake.

In the mountains you will find beauty Andeslah waterfall is amazing, complete with snow-covered landscape of volcanic mountains white. While on Easter Island, you will find traces of the past relics of the ranks of a large statue overlooking the sea.

After that, you can begin an adventure to the Cruce de Lagos, one of which has a similar style town in Bavaria. This is where you can take in hospitality and mingle with the local indigenous communities.

As a last visit, you can explore every corner of the city of Santiago. Every store in the city has the best quality in terms of local crafts at a price that is much better, including jewelry made from gemstones unique lazuli blue.

Dow Ends Up But Nasdaq in the Red

The Dow turned higher in the last hour of trading Thursday (Friday morning local time) to close in the black, but the slump in technology stocks across the board push the Nasdaq down.

Despite the increase in the percent-plus in the major European bourses, traders New York last because the U.S. data "lukewarm" and the condition of the euro zone remains unclear.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 33.60 points, or 0.27 percent to end at 12529.75.

Stock index S & P 500 rose 1.82 points, or 0.14 percent, to 1320.68, while the Nasdaq composite index fell 10.74 points, or 0.38 percent, to 2839.38.

This is the third consecutive day the Dow and S & P closed almost flat.

"Data, which displays a series of weekly initial jobless claims and durable goods orders figures below expectations, has been disregarded by many market participants," said Briefing.com.

Facebook ignores the threat of lawsuits over the failure of the IPO on Friday to move up 3.2 percent, to end at 33.03 dollars, still far below the initial price of 38 dollars.

Oracle shares sank 2.1 percent after a California jury decided the company had failed to prove its claim that Google violated the Java software patents in the Android operating software.

The decree allows Google to avoid potential damage to more than one billion dollars, but Oracle is expected to appeal the case.

Google shares fell nearly one percent.

Hewlett-Packard shares jumped 3.3 percent after it announced a major restructuring effort that involves a reduction of 27 000 jobs, or eight percent of employees worldwide.

Jeweler Tiffany fell 6.8 percent after the company reported disappointing profits and sales flat in the first quarter and paint a bleak picture of this year's sales growth worldwide.

U.S. bond prices fell.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury rose to 1.76 percent from 1.72 percent on Wednesday, while the 30-year bond rose to 2.85 percent from 2.79 percent.

Russia's Sukhoi Sabotage American Thought

Russia's Sukhoi Superjet intelligence think 100 that falls joy flight on May 9, 2012 in Mount Salak Bogor, Indonesia, sabotaged the possibility of the United States. It is written in one of the major media in Russia on Thursday, May 24, 2012.

On one of his articles, the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote the title of 'America's Akibatkan Sukhoi crash?'. Tabloid mentions some unnamed officials told the Russian airline competitors would like to see the flight failed.

Russian government and the media there had a history mengambinghitamkan another country or foreign person for the accident or disaster that links Russia.

A Russian naval officials have blamed the United States Navy in August 2000 when the tragedy of the Kursk nuclear submarine sank, killing 118 sailors. That's because there are several U.S. ships that were practicing in the area of ​​the Barents Sea. Another example occurs when high-ranking Russian Space Agency said Yury Kotev caught Mars satellites in Earth orbit in Russia last November failed because the activities of the U.S. radar in the area.

An army intelligence officer, told the Komsomolskaya Pravda that their office, the GRU, has long been tracking the activity of U.S. aircraft at the airport in Jakarta.

"We know that they (Americans) have a lot of special technology, we also have that could interfere with the signal from the ground or cause the reading of parameter does not work," said the official.

Perhaps this is one reason for the crash," the official said. Investigators Indonesia is still investigating to find the cause of the crash.

In Washington, Pentagon spokesman George Little denied the allegation. George Little considers the allegations nonsense.

Travel Cool Tea Plantation Tambi

In addition to Dieng plateau, Wonosobo also has an interesting place to visit. This area is also renowned as an area of ​​ecotourism, agrotourism which Tambi.

Visit the region this agrotourism is an attractive tourist option for nature lovers of the mountains. Here you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the cool atmosphere of the mountains the air.

Agro Tambi tea plantation itself is owned by PT Tambi with an area of ​​829.14 hectares reached. This tea plantations formerly owned by the Dutch named Bagelen Thee and maintained by Kina Maatschappij NV John Peet.

Geographically, the region located at an altitude agro Tambi 800-2000 meters above sea level. So no wonder, if you are in this area the air was cool and quite cold with temperatures ranging from 15-24 degrees Celsius.

In this area, the main activities you can do is the tea walk or take a walk around the plantation. There are 3 tracks tea walk, the short route (1-2 miles), medium (2-3 km) and far (3-9 km).

During the tea walk, you will be accompanied by a green carpet of tea tree and see the tea pickers at work. If you wish, here you can also attend a tea picking is offered by the local manager.

Tired of touring, you can enjoy a glass of hot tea that you just processed in places that have been provided. In addition to simply unwind, you can keep warm in the cold mountain cleft region.

Grandson of Elizabeth II Bring the Olympic Flame

Cheltenham: Travel the Olympic flame during the 70 days are up in Cheltenham, southwest England. Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Zara Phillips took fire while riding a horse. Zara Philips is the pride of the British equestrian athletes will also compete in the Olympics world sporting event of 2012.

In the course of the Olympic flame has involved a variety of characters from diverse backgrounds. Among them there are artists, athletes, musicians, and also to celebrate. Recent sharp striker Didier Drogba Chelsea football club home country Ivory Coast.

British public rousing welcome Zara which is expected to repeat the success of his mother, Princess Anne, who was once also defended the British team at the Olympics.

Olympic flame journey will continue through until the end of the Great Britain in the Olympic opening ceremony in Olympic Stadium Statford, 27 July.

Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Amitabh Bachchan clashing acting with Leonardo DiCaprio

Film directed by Baz Luhrmann is titled "The Great Gatsby"

Indian veteran actor, Amitabh Bachchan debut in Hollywood. unsparing, he was playing with famous young stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

"I can not talk about the movie in a private capacity. Contract binding me. But I am very pleased to be working with someone like Baz Luhrmann is a genius and a great actor," said Amitabh on his blog, bigb.bigadda.com.

"And everyone works as a family. And I think it's because the screenwriter and director Baz Luhrmann," he added.

"Another factor of course is the dedication of all the crew and actors in the script and film production. Leonardo and Tobey are willing to practice more if you demand it," he added.

"The Great Gatsby" is the Hollywood debut of Amitabh.

Amitabh in the film looks neat in a gray suit with a white hat. She looks classic with a beard and mustache.

This is the film adaptation of literary classics, and had adapted no less than six times.

The Great Gatsby is a romantic drama adapted from the novel of the same title written in 1925 and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Berseting early 1920's, The Great Gatsby tells the story of Nick Carraway, a young writer who becomes bound by a rich man who lead a life of luxury after World War I. But once Nick is sucked into the world of Gatsby, he discovered the secrets, lies and problems that used to build success.

The film is located in Australia is scheduled to be released on the 25th of December.

The issue appears Tragedy Due to Sabotage Sukhoi Business

Sukhoi Superjet 100 suspected havoc not only fatal incident. A number of foreign media to analyze any sabotage against Sukhoi flight at the time of joy, Wednesday, May 9, 2012. As a result, the ship crashed into the cliffs of Mount Salak, killing all 45 passengers.

For example, Russia & India Report. Within the site, the analyst Rakesh Krishnan Simha wrote Sukhoi Superjet 100 is not just a test airplane. 2009 boat that has been booked as many as 300 pieces by the Armenia airline Armavia and Aeroflot.

"Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the feasibility and reliability of Sukhoi," wrote Simha, May 12, 2012.

Simha also dismissed allegations of human error, both in the pilot Aleksandr Yablontsev or supervisor of the tower Air Traffic Controller Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Because Yablontsev intervene in the development of Sukhoi. While the ATC supervisor has guided Superjet for flying, although hampered the complex mountainous terrain.

"So if we can not accuse any of the ATC controllers guiding the Sukhoi to hit the mountain," he said.

Russia began to develop since 2000 Superjet. As Moscow's main project, aimed Sukhoi won the world aviation market, against Boeing or Airbus. Even Superjet 100 dare offer him U.S. $ 30 million or Rp 277 billion less than Embraer and Bombadier, his rival.

During this time, the aircraft market in developing countries has been dominated American aviation manufacturing companies. They do not have much competition in this segment. Russia's newest arrival by boat to America has a new enemy. "Sometimes it creates conditions that make the atmosphere of battle turns ugly business," he said.

Not much different from the analysis articulated in the Wayne Madsen site Strategic Culture Foundation. Wayne 100 Superjet considers entry into the aviation market has benefited Indonesia. But, on the other hand, its existence threatened Boeing business. Moreover, before Barack Obama signed a deal with Indonesia to sell 230 aircraft to Lion Air Boeing to guarantee a loan of U.S. $ 22 billion (USD 203 billion).

"Therefore, there is the possibility of Americans do not hesitate to sabotage industry competitors, especially at the time of entry into Asia," says Wayne.

Birthday Robert Moog, Synthesizer There on Google

Google Doodle again provide a unique look at the pages face on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. A synthesizer machine that can read if pressed tutsnya. The existence of the synthesizer engine to commemorate the birthday of Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog 122 years ago.

Who is Bob Mog? Birth May 23, 1934 it was the pioneer of electronic music. Born in New York, Moog began helping his father's music business in the 1950s. At that time, both building and selling theremins, electronic musical instruments at the time. Experience Moog theremins with his father would encourage him to design a Modular Moog synthesizer. Experiments in 1963 were not free of charge, for the next 12 months he had received orders synthesizer.

According to Google software engineer, Joey Hurst, Bob Moog synthesizer capable of producing a beautiful, rich, organic. "Almost 50 years later, many professional musicians consider Bob Moog synthesizer as a symbol of electronic devices," said Hurst.

If the opening page of Google.com, you'll find Bob Moog synthesizer machine equipped with a recorder. By pressing the keys of a synthesizer, you can assemble a rhythm. If you clicked the red button to record, the music that you can bundle recorded.

Short music produced not only can you hear yourself. Using the link, you will receive the Internet address of the tape storage. Google also let you distribute recorded music synthesizer to Google +.

Baines MU Transfer Talk

Manchester United center-back's move to negotiate Everton Leighton Baines before the passing of Euro 2012.

Despite already having Patrice Evra at left back, Manchester United is trying to bring back Leighton Baines from Everton. To smooth the transfer of 27-year-old defender The Red Devils officials have contacted David Gill Everton chairman Bill Kenwright to negotiate a move Baines.

MU reported ready to pay £ 12 million (Rp174, 53 billion) to bring to Old Trafford Baines.

Everton set prices mentioned £ 15 million (Rp218, 16 billion) before removing the current Baines but negotiations are underway between the two clubs.

Baines was still waiting for the transfer of certainty before strengthening the Three Lions at Euro 2012. Although not commented former Wigan defender would not disrupt the smooth transfer.

Baines was still under contract with Everton, but financial conditions experienced by the Toffees make their own capital to tie Steven Pienaar of Tottenham Hotspur.

Divide Free Condoms Ahead of Euro 2012

Euro 2012 event will be held in Poland and Ukraine on June 8, later turned out to not only show a football game, but also "sex tourism" in the two cities.

Tourism is of course the hot nightlife in Poland and Ukraine. Some time ago in the Ukraine and even feminists have protested the show Euro 2012 in Ukraine, because it could be a sex tours for travelers who come to the city.

For the sake of anticipating the same thing happened in the Ukraine, Poland would have a unique way for Euro 2012 performances, serve as "sex tourism" for most of the tourists.

Reporting from msn.foxsports.com (22/5), Poland health department will distribute free condoms to thousands of fans who want to watch their national team playing in Poland.

"150 000 free condoms are distributed, and the rest will be distributed at the gathering place for fans to avoid venereal diseases," said Alexander Soplinski, Polish health ministry staff.

Euro in 2012 alone will be started on June 8, and the city of Warsaw, Poland became the arena opening. Poland interested in watching live on?

Inter Milan Ready to Satisfy Public Indonesia

Italian and European giants FC Internazionale Milano FC or Inter Milan has arrived in Jakarta on Wednesday (23/5) afternoon. Nerazzuri carry 20 players, including stars such as Javier Zanetti, Diego Milito, Douglas Maicon, and Giampalo Pazzini.

But unfortunately, in his first tour to the country, they are minus five players, goalkeeper Julio Cesar to injury, Diego Forlan, Dejan Stankovic, Wesley Sneijder and Cristian Chivu. Although it is only going to face League and National Team Selection U-23 Indonesia, coach Andrea Stramaccioni still will instruct players to play positive as well as to entertain the audience in Indonesia.

"We will endeavor to give satisfaction to the public throughout the football in Indonesia. Inter came to entertain. We hope Inter activities here will have a positive impact for the development of football in this country," said Stramaccioni a press conference held at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta Wednesday (23/5).

Meanwhile, Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti said he and his colleagues happy to be in Indonesia. He also thanked for Interisti who had welcomed the arrival of the team's home city of Milan.

"After we had a difficult season in the Italian league, we can make a fun trip to Indonesia," he said.

Players from Argentina are added, this was the first to Indonesia, and he hoped this would be an enjoyable experience.

Javier Zanetti: The Extraordinary Greeting

Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti, amazed by remarks made ​​by thousands of Interisti Indonesia to the Inter squad at Soekarno-Hatta airport.

"The reception is amazing, we are very happy, thank you very much," Zanetti said at a press conference.

"The next few days in Indonesia will be a very memorable experience, this is the first time I came to this country and this is an honor. Thank you for the warmth of you. This season is very difficult but we hope to make our fans happy, at least for some the next day and then we'll focus on next year with a fresh energy, "said Zanetti.

Zanetti also asked about the possibility of joining Rodrigo Palacio to the Giuseppe Meazza. "He was someone I knew well, we're talking about an incredible player, he's not a tennis star just like that," he said.

Andrea Stramaccioni: Thank Indonesia

Inter Milan coach Andrea Stramaccioni was impressed by the welcome received by the Nerazzurri squad in their visit to Indonesia.

As you know, thousands of fans waiting and Inter Indonesia welcomed the arrival of Inter players at the Soekarno-Hatta airport. These conditions make Stramaccioni impressed and thanked the representatives of the Inter.

"It was very exciting to see many Inter fans at the airport when we arrived. Supporters who never runs out, there are thousands of their number. Thanks for Indonesia, as the representative of everything at Inter," he said in a press conference Stramaccioni.

"All of us, including the president who is not here, is very concerned with this tour, and Massimo Moratti sends his greetings. This is a country where Inter is idolized and see how many fans who come here to support us. That's why we all here, of course, unless the player is injured or the national team. "

Philippe Coutinho also included from the group and he hoped to show his quality after the loan at Espanyol. "It's not about what she can while on tour this show, we never doubted the quality," he said.

Stramaccioni then also asked about the transfer rumors Rodrigo Palacio, who is rumored to be joining the Giuseppe Meazza.

"Inter have very clear targets and we work well, I can not comment on the new player because I still do not have certainty. However, Inter are working hard to achieve success today and the future," he said.

"Inter have to be at the top. We are now playing in European competitions and the Champions League even though we are not striving to reach the top. Problem solved and we have to really understand how to do it, the president Moratti knows what to do."

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

The father of two Throwing Toddler from Balcony

ROME - An Italian father in North jumped from the balcony of his apartment on the sixth floor. Before the suicide, she threw her two children aged four years and 14 months to death from the same balcony.

Police spokesman Brescia, Nicoletta In Maio, said the current wife of the victim was taken to a nearby hospital. He was sedated after the incident found that the new override, which lost three family members at once.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the 41-year man has lost his job last year. It is not yet known whether the cause of economic difficulties himself desperate to do so.

In Maio said the man first threw a four-year-old son from a balcony. Then he threw a 14-month-old son, had last he committed suicide by dropping him. The man died instantly at the scene, while her two children had rushed to the hospital, although not helped.
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