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Lena Gercke, Top Model and the German National Team Goddess of Luck

FOR Lena Gercke, the 2012 European Cup is not just a place to watch the ball, as well as to support her lover, the German midfielder, Sami Khedira defending team competed Panzer. Great four-yearly event is also a stage where he stared a lot of people when it comes to the stadium.
That is indeed what happens when women 24 years was selected as The Next Top Model is coming to Germany Arena stadium Lviv, Lviv watch memecundangi Portugal 1-0 Germany last weekend.

Lena, who joined the Elite Model Management is arriving to the stadium with a costume that really attract attention. Simple but so tempting.

He was dressed as the German team, which is predominantly white, with a back number six, which is owned by her lover. Also written above the number six is ​​the name of Khedira.

Complementing the sporty costumes, Lena wearing shorts made of blue jeans which started to fade. This shoulder-length blonde-haired woman was carrying an orange handbag and high heels brown color.

Hat he was wearing a light brown color makes Lena look more attractive. Not to forget, to add shades to overcome the dominance of the white shirt he wore, Lena wore black bracelets on his left arm.

As a result, Lena did look stunning. No wonder when he walked to his seat pitch, people - the people in the stands around looking at the model with a face full of admiration.

Lena's presence seemed to give extraordinary spirit for Khedira. Real Madrid players from this remarkable show. The midfielder finished the first rock to intercept a wave of attacks led Portugal star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Not only be a barrier reef Seleccao attack, Khedira also often diligent up to help the attack. Even through his legs as well, he gives the bait crossed the finishing touches are then given a strong header by Mario Gomez ripped the nets for Portugal.

"Thank you Gomez! Khedira Thank you, thank you too Lena," wrote a German fan of the twitter account # Euro2012. Panzer fans of other teams to write "Come back to the stadium Lena, your fortune Germany".

Germany is the next game against the Netherlands in Oblasny Metalist Kharkiv SportKomplex on Thursday (14/6). Panzer team fans certainly hope that "fortune" to them, Lena, will again present. And it looks like he is going to come back to support her boyfriend fight.

German team was allowed to visit his wife and lover hotel where the team stayed. "A girlfriend and wife (WAGs) along with their children will be allowed to visit the hotel where the team stayed at the break after the game," said German team manager Oliver Bierhoff.

Of course, the policy of the manager be best utilized by the players, as well as by Khedira and Lena.

Although it has been dating since last May 2011, but this celebrity couple seemed to be intoxicated. In February, for example, they make a scene by hot photos in GQ magazine. When posing for the camera, Khedira, Tunisia bloody German star, wearing a suit, while his upper body close to his girlfriend topless.

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