Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Bishop Argentina Back Bikini Girl Caught hug

Buenos Aires - Argentina bishop, Fernando Bargallo, resigned from his post after scene of women embracing on the beach bikini shots a photographer Mexico, last week, widely circulated.

Leader of the Catholic 57-year-old Argentina immediately submitted his resignation to the Vatican and received by Pope Benedict XVI.

Initially, he said, it is a woman who embraced her friend as a child, but later admitted he had Bargallo "love affair" with her. During this time serving in the Diocese Bishop Bargallo Merlo-Moreno, Buenos Aires.

Scandal "bikini-clad woman hugging" broke last week, when an Argentine television station broadcast images of Monsiegnor Bargallo a picnic at a Mexican resort accompanied by a woman.

In one picture, he looked lost half of the body in the water while embracing a bikini-clad woman. Soon, after the pictures appeared on television, direct Bargallo Monsiegnor a statement to the public that it is women who embraced childhood friend known during his lifetime.

He said, the photo is a kecorobohan because it can lead to misinterpretation of others. Therefore, he asked the congregation to forgive "the ambiguity of the image" and urged them to see the pictures "in the context of a long friendship".

Belakangangan However, in the same week, Monsiegnor Bargallo give recognition to the leaders of the Catholics and the Diocese that he "had a love affair" with the girl and immediately resigned from his post. The Vatican accepted his resignation and the position will be replaced by Pedro Jorge Alcides Monsiegnor Casaretto.

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