Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Glad Macheda Can Return to United

Federico Macheda hopes to return to first team, after a loan period last season.

Italian national team players U-21 had returned to Old Trafford after a period of loan at Sampdoria and QPR, he failed to get a central place in the squad for Manchester United and only appeared 12 times in the last three seasons.

Although his appearance at Loftus Road disrupted because of ankle injury he sustained, the former Lazio striker is hoping to get a place in the team after completing the lending period.

Macheda told the club's official website: "It felt good to return to Manchester United, when you have the loan you would understand how important it is to play at this club."

"I am very happy to be back, and I can not wait to start the new season. Last season was very disappointing, in the first six months I could not get a lot of opportunities here, so I decided to lend. "

"When I moved to QPR, nothing wrong happened to me because of my ankle. But now I feel much better and wanted to undergo the new season, will be an important season for me. "

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