Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

David De Gea sure Shines With Manchester United

De Gea promising season 2012/13, he will be even better with United. He did not want to waste time in front of his eyes. If last season he came under much criticism, the season 2012/13 De Gea will try to fix it. He will try to perform more optimally again.

"My English is getting better. This will help smooth my career at United. Actually since last season I've started to understand what they are talking about but it is difficult for me to talk," says De Gea reported by the Guardian.

"But now I hope everything will be better. I also have to understand what kind of English football. Football English football is different from others. A goalkeeper must be more aggressive here. Physical addition to number one because of the English Premier League match very quickly," he continued.

But not only that the problems facing De Gea. Her body is slim is also mentioned as a factor of failure. His vision was also considered problematic. Even the club recommends that De Gea undergo laser eye surgery to improve visibility.

"It's a lot of slanted news out there about me. They say I'm too skinny. But I'll figure it out for it. I will eat healthy foods and diligent to the gym so that I am stronger and confident. I believe this problem can be I finish let alone I was young. I am still in growth, "he explained.

"The question of vision, I could see well. I hope next season everything went smoothly and I can shine with United," he continued.

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