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Guess the position of Shinji Kagawa in Manchester United's Season

Where Shinji Kagawa will be placed in the formation of Manchester United next season?

Japanese people are known as Mr. Versatile player who can place aliases in several positions in midfield as well as a team.

It definitely will help Manchester United to fill the holes that often appear in their formation. Especially to help them attack.

There are several positions that can be selected by Sir Alex Ferguson to Kagawa. Here are a few of them.

Being one of the three supporting players behind the main striker Wayne Rooney. (4-2-3-1)

Together with Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young, Kagawa could support targeted Rooney up front alone United. This formation will be supported by Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick are more backward and help defense.

The advantage is that United's midfield creativity will be very reliable. If Valencia-Young/Nani-Kagawa can come together and spend their best ability, Rooney can get a lot of goals "easy" this season.

Become advocates Duet Danny Welbeck and Wayne Rooney (4-3-1-2)

If Sir Alex decides to play a duet attacker, then Kagawa still be used in the playmaker position the ball forward from midfield to the two players.

In this position, Kagawa could also further explore the ability to attack and create goals. In addition to assist-assist anyone who awaited duet by attackers in front of him, he himself could come menyumbah goal with shots and the selection of proper position and is often troublesome.

Being a Second Striker Wayne Rooney in the Rear (4-4-1-1)

Kagawa also have a pretty good ability to be a second striker. We remember Ryan Giggs Fergie is often placed in this position when he decided to let Rooney wandering alone in front.

Now, with an increasingly aging Giggs age, Kagawa presence will provide an option for the manager if you want to take advantage of the formation of this kind again. Speed ​​and accuracy are owned by the 23-year-old player will be more value and could be a sufficiently precise to be put on the back of Roo.

Thus, the formation of which one will be selected by Fergie? And whether Kagawa will prove to be exactly that required by the purchase of Manchester United? This season is shaping up as proof.

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