Senin, 21 Mei 2012

The Avengers-style Vivid Entertainment Released

Adult Superhero parody

The success of the movie The Avengers make a parody of Vivid Entertainment produces adult films, with the title The Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody.

Previous Vivid also successful with a parody of superhero films for adults. This movie has been released by Vivid Entertainment website and get the response that many of the lovers 'blue movies'. But do not try to open a full movie to be uploaded, because Vivid is very strict protection. This film, especially for viewers who are aged 18 years and over.

FIlm a famous pornographic film directed by Axel Braun brings a number of figures in The Avengers, like the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and others. But he adds character Spider-Man, She Hulk, Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel. The film was released in early May.

Broadly speaking, Vivid Entertainment The Avengers version with the version of The Avengers to the public. The hero is told to join to save the Earth from evil creatures attack.

Predictable, for the version of Vivid Entertainment, a number of sex scenes were put forward, although many of the typical funny parody scenes shown.

Excerpts from The Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody, has spread across Youtube, but certainly not tucked adult scenes.

You curious?

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