Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

11 Days Without Sleep For Euro 2012, A Dead Fans In China

A fan of football in China breathed her last at the age of 26 years after no sleep for 11 consecutive days in order to watch all Euro 2012 matches, so rumored.

Xiaoshan Jiang, name of the fans, which are known to sponsor England and France in the European interstate bigger tournament, reportedly died of exhaustion.

As in Indonesia, kick-off game match at the Poland-Ukraine was held at the dawn of time China. As a football enthusiast gibol alias, Xiaoshan, who lived in the city of Changsha, unwilling to miss a game.

Every night he is always watching game after game with his friends, then went to work in the morning. However, his body finally could no longer resist the habit.

Republic of Ireland after watching the duel contra Italy in preliminary phases, Tuesday (19/6) morning China time, Xiaoshan went home at 05.00 and then a shower. Unable to resist sleep, he fell asleep and never woke up again.

His friends are very shocked to hear this sad news. According to them, Xiaoshan live a relatively healthy lifestyle, even had a member of the varsity football team in college a few years earlier.

Even so, some sources believe that the effects of alcohol and tobacco, combined with chronic fatigue, a precursor to death Xiaoshan because it weakens the immune system.

The news is certainly worth the attention of the gibol in other countries which also have significant differences in time zone with Europe, including Indonesia. Watch live football is certainly exciting, but note the condition of the body and do not forget the rest!

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