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UEFA Fines Drop 100,000 Euros on Bendtner

Warsawa - Denmark striker, Nicklas Bendtner, on Monday, was sentenced to one match ban and fined 100,000 euros, because it shows the text links at the waist line in his underwear, when celebrating a goal in European Cup 2012, UEFA delivered .

European soccer's governing body said that the Board of Discipline and Control, decided to impose fines and sentenced to "a competitive game" after a goal celebration, when Denmark lost 2-3 to Portugal on Wednesday.

"This penalty applies to the next 2014 World Cup matches, including qualifying competitions, when Bendtner can play," the statement contained in the official UEFA website.

Bendtner had three days to appeal the sanctions.

UEFA last week announced disciplinary proceedings against the players who do not deserve `valid (Article 4 Game Rules)` throughout the Group B match in Lviv, Ukraine, where Denmark lost 2-3.

Article 4, which set the equipment of the players reads: "Players must not reveal underwear that contain slogans or advertising. Players who took off his uniform to reveal slogans may be sanctioned by the competition organizers."

Section 18:18 Regulation 'UEFA European Football Championships 2010-2012' also states, "All the equipment is worn throughout the tournament final to be free of any advertising sponsor."

Bendtner pants waist line includes the name of a company based in Dublin. The company, Paddy Power, said on its website that it was `lucky underwear. '

Paddy Power - which according to the Daily Mail gets larger fines than to be paid if their supporters club singing racist - reacted by saying that they would support if the player Bendtner appeal.

"We were surprised by the severity of fines Nicklas Bendtner to show Paddy Power in the waistline on pants luck recently," remarked a spokesperson through a statement released on their site.

"It was hysterical and very cynical act of UEFA murbi dictated by commercialism, and a far greater punishment than the UEFA fines for incidents that are much more serious.

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