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Fergie message to Manchester United Fans

Manchester - Manchester United this season failed to retain their Premier League title. Sir Alex Ferguson had a special message for the fans 'Red Devils' related to the mission of the club reclaim the trophy from its neighbors, Manchester City.

Fergie is the message conveyed in a special two-minute video aimed at buyers tickets at Old Trafford. Fergie seems to understand the disappointment of fans after failing to win the championship title, their 20th in last week ago.

Had held the trophy for about five minutes, Chelsea finally had to give up the title it did not fly far from their headquarters to the Etihad Stadium, when the shot Sergio Aguero ensure a 3-2 victory over Queens Park Rangers City.

Ended the season without a title for the club for Manchester United probably is a disgrace. Fergie then it was promised to the fans that the Red Devils can no longer sits next season and even in ways that may be similar to the City as a champion this season

"When you look back at last season, it tells all about Manchester United," Ferguson said on ESPN Star.

"There is no club in the world who could make a similar drama like last season," he continued.

"Ok, maybe we do not succeed this season but when you look in recent years and several times we scored in the final minutes, it's just to add fun and drama of Manchester United. It's always like that because that's us."

"When you buy tickets, you will be guaranteed:

1). The possibility of heart attack
2). Tense until the last minute of the game
3). Hopefully we can be champions again, "Ferguson finished.

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