Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

John Carter

The planet is already on the verge of collapse. Dwindling water reserves while the atmosphere that has given life begins can not be expected. In this critical moment, the inhabitants of this planet even hostile to each other. There was no hope for this red planet, but there are newcomers who could unite them all to save their homes from being destroyed. That person could be the John Carter (Taylor Kitsch).

John Carter is a veteran of the civil war that had suddenly disappeared from the earth and stranded on the planet Mars. Carter has been saturated with war. The war has caused him to lose everything, including humanity. In the midst of confusion because it did not know where you are, John Carter met Martian creatures that make prisoners. John Carter was able to escape, but this is just the beginning of the next adventure.

In the middle of the run, Carter meets Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins), daughter of Helium, who is in need of help. Although initially did not want to be involved in the conflict there, but Carter eventually realizes that maybe he was the only one who can save the planet Mars from ruin.

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