Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Four-month unpaid, Ronaldinho Leave Flamengo

Cases of players who are late or do not receive a salary from the club who signed them, apparently not only in Indonesia. In any foreign league, similar cases occur.

No kidding, the case of late football player who did not receive a salary or even override the former world player of the Brazilian, Ronaldinho. For four months Dinho did not receive a salary from the club to sign him, Flamengo.

Disappointed because, the former Barcelona and AC Milan star was finally brought the case to court. The result, a local court granted Ronaldinho to break his contract with Flamengo.

As reported Flamengo still owe money for 16 million euros that belong to Ronaldinho. Money is a salary and bonus for Ronaldinho.

With Ronaldinho's decision to leave Flamengo, he is now free agent status.

and free to go to another club is interested in it.

However, it seems not willing to Flamengo with the court's decision. Flamengo management will reportedly appeal court ruling.

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