Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

There will be man on Mars in 2023

LONDON - The Dutch, independent aerospace company, intends to put four people on Mars in April 2023.

Proclaimed the Daily Mail, Wednesday (06/06/2012), a team of four who joined in the Mars One, not going back to earth. They will build a settlement on Mars. Hopefully, 10 years later or in 2033, there were 20 people alive and living in these settlements.

The Dutch already negotiate with a supplier of aerospace, including the Space X has recently launched his own rocket. The Dutch are also supported by Nobel Prize winning physicist, Gerard 't Hoot, as well as the creators of Big Brother Paul Romer. Next year, the Dutch began to train astronotn.

"This trip will belong to us all, and the reason that will make each step can unite us," a statement from the Dutch.

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