Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

The Dictator

Gen. Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) should be overthrown. If not, citizens of the Republic Wadiya will never feel the freedom. Wadiya combat for no apparent reason is not possible. The only way is to use another approach. Aladeen invited to the United States is the first step in the scenario.

Initially, the arrival in America Aladeen greeted like a great guest. Underneath it all, the American intelligence seems to have prepared a terrible scenario for Aladeen. Aladeen time falling asleep, the intelligence kidnapped him. Aladeen re-released shortly thereafter, but without the long beard that made him famous.

No beard, no one would recognize General Aladeen. Now Aladeen not anyone. No more guards are ready to protect it. No more assistants who are ready to provide whatever he needs. You want to know the story then please watch instantly on your favorite movies or dvd ok

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