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Men in Black 3

Having managed to escape from the jail which was guarded by a very strict and are in the month, extraterrestrials (aliens) "Boris the Beast" has only one goal when it comes to the Earth, which is to seek and kill Agent K. Boris runaway process that helped a woman who came to the moon, carrying a pink cake.

Inside a small pink cake that is, the woman had put the alien killer misteris like a spider that had many deadly arrows. Boris keep the deadly spiders in the palm of his right hand. Was to be expected, only a 'weapon' that Boris could escape to the earth and find Agent K.

Agent K grim-faced Boris hunted because it removes his left hand about 40 years ago. Hundreds of guards at the prison with maximum care in the month, easily defeated Boris. Not long after, Boris (Jemaine Clement) successfully landed on earth, began to look for, hunt, and kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).

In the movie 'Men in Black III' 3D's Agent J (Will Smith) who has worked for 15 years as an agent of an alien exterminator 'Men in Black' is finding many things that are unacceptable to his senses. When Agent K and the earth's life is threatened by Boris, Agent J would not want to go back to the past.

Through the help of 'the gadget builders' Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus), Agent J back to 1969 to help Agent K which was still very young (played by Josh Brolin). Agent K must be saved from the threat of Boris because of a 'partner' Agent J of work in the future. Agent K also had a 'secret' hidden that wants to know Agent J.

From Jeffrey Price, too, Boris could go back to 1969 to get revenge and try to kill Agent K. Through a search tool of the past time, Agent J must jump from the Chrysler Building, the building is very high to get back into the past. Through a small object in his left hand, Agent J - real name Jay - jump to the July 15, 1969.

Date Agent J is the goal because the day before the murders committed against Agent Boris K. This is where Agent J Boris tried to prevent the brutal action. Having successfully arrived in 1969, the Agency began an adventure to rescue J K Agent who was still quite young. In that year, Agent O Agent J also met the young.

O young agent played by Alive Eve, while Agent O today is played by Emma Thompson.

Boris then chasing Agent K - short for Kay - out of spite. Boris lost his left hand when Agent K wanted to arrest and bring to a prison in Florida. Because the system developed Agent K, ARCnet, Boris could not land on Earth. ARCnet is a system of protection of the Earth from the threat of Boris and other species.

Thrill of adventure in the past, Agent J finally find out the origin itself, including the story of romance Agent K and Agent O is happening at the Headquarters of 'Men in Black'. Watch it in theaters though not curious!

Cast: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

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