Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Britons will celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Celebration that was held by the United Kingdom has always suck up a lot of public attention in England. Like it when one of the oldest job in the world will celebrate 60 years bertahtanya Queen Elizabeth II (Queen's Diamond Jubilee) on the weekend.

According to the Association of Train Operating Companies of London, an estimated half a million Britons will overwhelm the city of London. At least about 500 thousand people will be traveling to London by train. While 30 thousand people will be using the services of travel operator National Express.

To cope with the density of passengers, many railway companies increase the fleet. Also will add train cars. One route that passengers are expected to be solid track Bristol, Birmingham and Bournemouth.

Meanwhile, Eurostar, one of Europe's airline said it received 30 per cent increase in bookings over the weekend. There are at least 30 thousand passengers per day for England.

"The center of London at the weekend will be filled with many many people. Therefore, some streets in the city of London will be closed, especially the road leading to london city center," said Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy London as reported by the Telegraph, Thursday (31 / 05).

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