Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Greek Elections Second Degree in Less than Two Months

Greece was hit by debt, Wednesday, planning a second election in less than two months after failing to form a government. Under these conditions the eurozone crisis triggered even when France and Germany promised support and may help to growth.

Elections expected on June 17 following the voting results are not conclusive on May 6, when the majority of Greek citizens who vote against the austerity measures in return for a massive loan for one year from the EU-IMF last year.

However, there is no guarantee that a new vote would produce a viable government - the main opponents of the EU-IMF deal is expected to win - which means even greater uncertainty over the future of Greece in the single currency.

The results of previous elections was enough to make the global financial markets are in turmoil as investors sought a safe haven for their money, by removing the stock and the euro.

The market fell again Wednesday, and began to stabilize after German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new French president Francois Hollande France says it wants to stay in Greece for the euro zone.

Merkel said the two countries were also ready to drive Europe "to study the possibility of additional growth steps in Greece" when Athens asked to them.

But on Wednesday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble confirmed once again that it is impossible to re-negotiate EU-IMF agreement.

"This is an assistance program that is prepared to the last detail, we can not renegotiate it," said Schaeuble told Deutschlandfunk radio.

A further deal of anxiety came with the news that around 700 million euros (894 million U.S. dollars, Rp 8.2 trillion) was withdrawn from the bank of Greece, on Monday.

President Papoulias said that the central bank governor Carolos had told him that the bank "in a very difficult situation, and that the current banking system is very weak."

Governor "say there is nothing to panic but that there are many concerns that can be changed to panic," said Papoulias said in a statement Tuesday night.

Left-leaning daily, ethnos, wrote that Greece was heading for "the election in a minefield. Results will determine the future of the country in the eurozone."

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