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Get the Gringo

Get The Gringo, a Hollywood movie that was released on May 1, 2012, genre Drama, Thriller. Film production of the Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The results made by Director: Adrian Grunberg. With actor Mel Gibson, as well as the main character is also one of the film's scriptwriter. Until now the film is still playing in cinemas network 21.

The film is interesting for me, takes place in prison and about prison life called "El Pueblito" in Mexico. Revolves around a driver, played by Mel Gibson, who had stolen the money of approximately $ 4 million from a crime boss who then chased the police and fled to the United States-Mexico border. Caught in the territory of Mexico and put in prison "El Pueblito" a prison filled with a hard life, where the law of "jungle" who is strong and who have more wealth to be ruler in prison. Life in prison is clearly over-population, lack of humane treatment there. Starting from the food that is not feasible, fights in jail, prison is very dirty with a very dirty bathroom, widespread distribution of heroin, cocaine in prison, and prison "classy" for which they have access to power and economy.

Mel Gibson in the film, acts as a stranger who must survive the rigors of prison life at El Pueblito. Where even a stranger has no privilege at all because the story he is a prisoner "deposit" the conspiracy of corrupt Mexican police who robbed the stolen money as Mel Gibson Driver.

Story after story runs, the drivers are friends with a 10-year-old little boy named Javi played by Daniel Gimenez Cacho. Where Javi, here is the child portraits sebuh robbed of their rights as children. Javi should schools play in the prison environment should live together with their parents. His father was killed by other inmates as chairman of the Mafia in the prison to take her liver. And Javi have to live with her mother threatened to be killed by the Mafia chief. Later in the story of the driver friends with Javi and his mother in order to survive and escape from the prison El Pueblito.

The film's happy ending, the driver who could take revenge on his ex-wife and who has been betrayed.

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