Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

A Monster in Paris

Set in Paris in 1910, the animated film "A Monster in Paris" could be inserted into the list worth watching in addition to other similar products from Disney Pixar or Dreamworks.

Done with a budget of € 25,000,000 by the French studio, Europa, the movie still feels like the studio output of the United States, which is sort of a mix between Dreamworks and Pixar. Steering Bibo Bergeron, who had participated in "Shark Tale" and "The Road to El Dorado," may be the catalyst for Dreamworks at the touch of a la "A Monster in Paris."

This film will provoke memories of viewers monster movies, dumb, and musicals. Paris immersed in the colors brilliant, but antique.

The story began when Paris was flooded early 20th-century tersebab overflow of the River Seine. Image leads to Emile, a interpreter movie projector, and Raoul, among part-time handyman cum scientist, experimenting with ingredients which then creates a giant bug that could sing.

The flea then travel to various places in Paris and make people shudder. Lucille, famous cabaret singer, find a bug, and is aware of her talent in singing. The ladies then took her perform in the show.

At that point, the mayor of Paris and its officials promised that he would catch and kill the giant insects. Thus, the beginning of the hunting scene.

The story is quite fresh. Can be absorbed chewed by all family members because of the humor and romantic. There is no horror. You undoubtedly will be found worthy to hear the songs in the film.

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