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Apple will introduce Mac Software and Latest

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook will introduce the iPhone software and the latest series of Mac computers at the annual conference of the developer's company on Monday (Tuesday morning GMT).

Events Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is already functioning as a venue for the announcement of iPhone software for several years. This year, posted a banner that read "IOS-6".

The new features are brought IOS 6 - also the release time to the consumer - is still unclear. Typically, the software can be downloaded when the latest iPhone models are available. Analysts expect the latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 5, will attend in the fall (a year after the launch of the iPhone 4S).

In 2010, the latest Apple iPhone 4 demonstrated at WWDC, but this year analysts expect such a thing would not happen again.

IOS5 with the launch last year, Apple adds many features that are also supplied by rival smartphone software. They also added a feature virtual assistant "Siri", which can translate voice commands and respond to users.

This year, there was little feature to "catch up". Some observers predict, the stronger will be integrated Facebook, as well as Apple to include Twitter functionality into its software last year.

Changing your Facebook status from Apple's application will be easier.

Meanwhile, for the Mac, Apple has demonstrated most of the features of OS x 10.8 "Mountain Lion" in February and said that the software will go on sale this summer.

Operating system "Mountain Lion" will make Mac computers more similar to the iPhone.

Cook is also expected to announce new Mac models. Intel Corp. recently updated their product with a processor chip that is faster and energy efficient, and most Apple Mac products are not launched meaningful reform of the year.

Still unclear about Apple plans to produce television. The company's late founder, Steve Jobs, said the biographer Walter Isaacson that he wanted to make innovations for TV. Apple is selling an "Apple TV," but a small box that connects to a TV to display movies from iTunes. There has been speculation that Apple plans to make a TV set that is integrated with iTunes.

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