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Story of Lutung Kasarung

In the days of yore in the Pasundan there a kingdom led by a wise king, he is known as the Great King Tread.

Great Tapa King has two beautiful daughters and her sister is Purbararang Purbasari.

At the end of his life near the Great appointed King Tread Purbasari, her youngest daughter as a replacement. "I'm too old, it's time I step down," said Tapa King.

Purbasari has an older brother named Purbararang. He was appointed to replace his brother did not agree their father. "I Eldest daughter, father should choose me as his successor," grumbled her fiance named Purbararang Indrajaya. His fury is mounting that makes it have the intention to harm her sister. He meets a witch to spell Purbasari. Purbasari witch's spell that right then all of a sudden skin became spotty Purbasari-black spots. Purbararang would have a reason to evict his brother. "People who are cursed as he does not deserve to be a Queen!" Said Purbararang.

Then he sent a Patih to alienate Purbasari into the woods. Once in the forest the duke was still kind enough to make a hut for Purbasari. He also advised Purbasari, "Be brave lady. This trial would have ended, the Almighty will surely be with daughter ". "Thank you uncle," said Purbasari.

While in the woods he had many friends that animals are always good to him. Among these animals there is a mysterious black hairy ape. But the monkey is the most attention to Purbasari. Javan Kasarung Purbasari always encouraging to get beautiful flowers and fruits with her friends.

At full moon, monkey Kasarung acting strange. He walked to a quiet place and meditate. He was asking something to the Gods. This proves that the monkey Kasarung not unusual creatures. Not long after, the land near monkey broke and created a small lake, the water is crystal clear. The water-containing drugs that are very fragrant.

The next day Kasarung monkey see Purbasari and asked him to bathe in the lake. "What's in it for me?", Thought Purbasari. But he would oblige. Shortly after he threw himself. Something happened to her skin. Her skin is clean as before, and he became beautiful again. Purbasari very surprised and excited when he looked in the mirror ditelaga it.

At the palace, Purbararang decided to see her sister in the forest. He went with his fiancee and his bodyguards. When he reached the woods, he finally met with his brother and looked at each other. Purbararang not believe to see his brother again as before. Purbararang not want to lose face, he took a penalty Purbasari long hair. "Who is he who won the long hair!", Said Purbararang. Purbasari initially did not want to, but because he continues to serve his brother urged. Apparently Purbasari hair is longer.

"Well I lost, but now let's shoot our handsome fiance, This is my fiance ', said he approached the Indrajaya Purbararang. Purbasari became restless and confused. Finally he glanced at the monkey's hand and pulled Kasarung. Kasarung monkey jumping up and down as if to calm Purbasari. Purbararang laugh, "So the monkey's fiance?".

At that moment meditating monkey Kasarung soon. Suddenly there was a miracle. Kasarung monkey turn into a handsome young man looking very handsome, more than Indrajaya. All surprised to see the incident as he cheered. Purbararang finally conceded defeat and guilt over the years. He apologizes to his brother and begged not to be punished. Purbasari who kindly forgave them. After the incident they all eventually returned to the Palace.

Purbasari become a queen, accompanied by a young man of her dreams. Youth who have always turned out with him in the form of a monkey jungle.

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