Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Manchester United's Nani Find Substitutes

Manchester United's plans to bring in Porto winger, James Rodriguez. The Reds Devils desires will be realized if there is no agreement on a contract Nani.

Manchester United stronghold increasingly frustrated by contract talks Nani who always leads to failure. The players reportedly wanted a salary increase, but it seems reluctant to be met by the club. Request for salary increase given that the contract will expire Nani is still in 2014.

It is not explained in detail how the requested increase in the number of Nani. However, the Manchester United have offered a salary of 130,000 pounds per week.

The club is likely to recruit players of Colombia, James Rodriguez, at a price of 20 million pounds of Porto. The 20-year-old player has shown impresifnya action since moved from his old club Atletico Banfield two years ago.

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