Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Mostly European billionaire Select Living in Switzerland

Swiss is the preferred destination for Europe's richest industrialists, a magazine Bilan, Switzerland, reported on Wednesday.

Not less than two-thirds of the 100 individuals named in the published list of richest people, living in Switzerland, including the richest of them all, the Swedish founder of Ikea, Ingvar Kamprad.

Kamprad, 86, who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, tops the list of Europe's richest person with a fortune of 35 billion francs (29 billion euros, 36 billion dollars), easily exceeded the minimum requirement of five billion francs (four billion euros, five billion dollars) to join the club of ultra-rich.

Furniture king's wealth is still comparatively larger than the Spaniards, Amancio Ortega Gaona, label creator and owner of the Zara clothing giant Inditex textile world. His wealth is estimated at 32.9 billion francs (27 billion euros, 34 billion U.S. dollars).

German-Dutch family, which has Brenninkmeijer C & A clothing chain, has an estimated wealth of 27.9 billion francs (23 billion euros, 29 billion U.S. dollars) to get third place in the list of richest people of Europe.

Overall, the findings dominated the German billionaire magazine, with 28 identified members of the super-rich, two more than the Russians. Members from France and Switzerland followed with each of the nine names, while Italy came in fifth with seven people.

Of the report is clear that the traditional business handed down from generation to generation are behind some of the wealth of Europe's largest, with geras mass market, textile and luxury brand leading manufacturers.

Perhaps surprisingly, the wealth displayed very little new technology, there is no evidence of innovators from the Internet or mobile phone sector.

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