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The story of Bloody Mary, Called to the Ghost

In western countries (especially Britain and America) there is a mystery story that developed in the community. As an analogy, if there Jaelangkung in our country, now there is the story of Bloody Mary.

While playing "jaelangkung" we will call the mantra, "Come not picked up, driven not go home." While to call the "Bloody Mary" should say, "Mary Worth, Mary Worth, I believe in Mary Worth" over and over again - three times calling him the basic rules, but continued to call repeatedly to feel the strangeness of the mirror.

Who is the Bloody Mary or Mary Worth? OK, this urban legend begins with the following story.
Once, there lived a young girl named Mary Worth. Her face is very pretty. Many young men menaksirnya.

One day Mary Worth had an accident so that his face destroyed beyond recognition. By her parents, she should not see the mirror in order not to upset because his face had no shape. In fact when I was "perfect" Mary Worth is often admired her face in the mirror.

One night, after everyone in the house sleeping, he was very curious reflection. Mary went to the room with the mirror. How shocked he was when he saw the face of a ruined when filled. Mary immediately destroy the mirror and screamed bloody murder.

It was then that he became very upset and mourn her beautiful face the first. Strange, Mary went into the mirror and live in it. He will appear when someone called his name in the mirror ... and take the eye of the call.

This story as mere superstition. However, there are some reports circulating about the appearance of Mary Worth while trying to call.

The development story of Bloody Mary

Urban legend of Bloody Mary has been evolving for centuries. Development of the story is very diverse. For example, in the early 20th century had circulated Halloween card that depicts a girl standing in front of a mirror while holding a candle. Belief that time is outstanding, young girls standing in front of the mirror while Halloween can see her future husband someday.

Another version of the 19th century, rather than a book of stories circulating in 1883. Told of a girl standing in front of the mirror, suddenly green munculasap nan concentrated than in the mirror, followed by the appearance of a ghost who was standing behind the girl.

The story of Bloody Mary increasingly popular since the 1960's until finally emerging about comics and movies. But the story about Mary so many versions. One of the movie "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary" in 2005 which tells the real story is much different.

However, Bloody Mary will still be a story that continues to "haunt" the children, especially for those who are curious to play with the ghost of a mirror. Well, nobody dared to try?

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