Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

United Prepare Subtitute Nani

Manchester - As a precaution when losing midfielder Nani, Manchester United will begin to look Porto midfielder James Rodriguez. The reason is yet to Nani on the attitude of the offer a contract extension with the Red Devils.

The Suns reported that United began to get annoyed over the act of contract-related Nani remaining until 2014. Alex Ferguson's club even had an offer for a raise Nani to 130 thousand pounds per week (approximately USD 1.6 billion).

In anticipation of no longer reinforced Nani who is currently competing in Euro 2012 with Potugal, United enter the name Rodriguez in the list of coveted players. The young 20 year-old making United scouts while playing for Portuguese club Porto.

Rodriguez is a football player from Cucuta, Colombia. He joined Porto since July 2010 and has scored 15 goals from 41 appearances. Previously, Rodriguez strengthen Argentine club Banfield. His record of 10 goals in 50 appearances. Rodriguez is making significant progress United smitten.

His style is lively with accurate feedback, and control of the ball nicely to make it earned the nickname 'Cristiano Ronaldo of South America'. Rodriguez also mentioned as one of the best young players the world today.

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