Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

WBO will Investigation Pacquiao-Bradley Game

Nevada - Manny Pacquiao fight with Timothy Bradley can be no end to the controversial decision in the ring. WBO confirm if they will investigate the game.

Weekend Pacquiao lost his WBO belt against champion boxer United States, Timothy Bradley. In a fierce fight all 12 rounds, the boxer from the Philippines was declared lost a split decision.

Judge Duane Ford and C.J. Ross gives 113-115 points for Bradley. While Jerry Roth be the only one who gives victory for Pacman by 115-113 points. The results surprised many, because although resistance can be tight, Pacquiao is still considered superior.

"The public who witnessed the match disappointed, and we need clarity here. We want those responsible for investigating, to see what happened, why the judge could be very wrong," said Bob Arum, president of Top Rank, the fight promoter.

"Are there any hidden business going? Or is there no hidden business? Whether they are in talks. We need clarity and the public wants it," he said as quoted by the Associated Press.

WBO is not standing still with the pressure coming. In the statement expressed by the president,'' Francisco'' Paco Valcarcel, world boxing organization that affirms that the investigation will be carried out on the course of the game.

Kejuraan WBO committee will watch over Pacman game with Bradley with 'five famous boxing judges' to make recommendations later. However, Paco Valcarcel kept stressing that his department had no doubts about the ability of judges of the game.

"(The game) it makes boxing is in a bad spotlight. I'm waiting to do damage prevention (to boxing), and the only way is to conduct a full investigation," said Arum.

Arum has formally filed a request to the Nevada Attorney for investigations related to the battle. Not only that, a member of the Nevada Senate has also requested an investigation of the fight.

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