Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Google releases Chrome for Windows 8

California - digital giant Google has finally launched its Chrome browser aimed at Windows users preview edition to the mode 8 Metro.

Excerpted from the website technology PC Mag, Wednesday, June 13, 2012, this browser include support for features on-screen keyboard included in Windows 8 Metro mode.

The statement also mentions that the release of Google Chrome is also solved some problems on Windows 8 crash which resulted in performance degradation.

To try it, Windows users should choose the preview edition 8 Chrome as default browser (default) on the device.

Meanwhile, a few days before the launch of this browser, Google Chrome still reiterated that can not be used in one variant of Windows 8, Windows is RT. The operating system runs on the ARM processor, and like the other versions of Windows 8, has a mode 'Windows Classic' and the Metro.

The problem is, Microsoft is accused of not allowing a browser other than Internet Explorer for Windows operates in RT.

This accusation came first from Mozilla in early May, and then echoed by Google. Microsoft still did not want to comment on this controversy.

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