Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

pple fined Rp21, 69 billion for lying to Australian Consumers

Sydney - Apple on Thursday fined 2.25 jutadolar Australia (about USD 21.69 billion) for Australia misleading consumers regarding the ability of future generations 4G iPad locally.

Technology giant was also ordered to pay the Federal Court of Australia $ 300,000 (about USD 2.89 billion).

Judge Mordy Bromberg stated that Apple misled people with claims in its ads that imply that the "iPad with WiFi 4G" get connected with the fourth generation mobile network in Australia, but in fact can not be.

The verdict forced the company liable for misleading consumers and violate consumer laws of Australia.

Apple in March and offered to reimburse customers who have been deceived Australia, and issued a clarification about the capabilities of the popular tablet computer.

The product is now being advertised outside of North America as "Wi-Fi Mobile," the changes that came into effect last May 12, with a clear warning on the site Australia that "iPad is not compatible with 4G LTE and WiMAX networks now in Australia."

"Apple is not trying to deny the deliberate behavior and there are no facts before trying to find an excuse or explain such behavior, in addition to the action occurred on the order of the parent company Apple," said Bromberg.

The iPad is the world's best selling tablet in the first three months in 2012, surpassing its rival Android-based tablet, with sales more than doubled from a year earlier that made Apple profits soar.

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