Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Bribery Scandal Could Neneng Unloading Democratic Elite

Neneng Sri Wahyuni ​​arrest by the Corruption Eradication Commission is expected to unveil the various allegations of corruption against the Democratic Party elite. According to the Chairman of the Democratic Central Executive Board Ruhut Sitompul, the examination of suspected bribery Solar Power Generation Project Ministry of Labor is an entrance to uncover cases of corruption that allegedly dragged a handful of Democratic cadres.

"Neneng'll have to open all these cases a well-lit," said Ruhut, Thursday, June 14, 2012 yesterday.

KPK set Neneng as a suspect case of solar power plants in the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, for allegedly receiving money flow of the project in fiscal year 2008. Neneng and her husband, M. Nazaruddin, allegedly received a fee of Rp 2.2 billion of projects worth Rp 8.9 billion. Nazaruddin, who was sentenced to 4 years 10 months in prison in a bribery case Pensions athletes, many times revealing the existence of the alleged commission enjoyed by the Democratic Chairman Anas Urbaningrum and a cadre of other Democrats. For example, a fee of Rp 50 billion of projects Hambalang Anas used to winning the Democratic Congress of 2010.

Ruhut said Neneng testimony will complete the description of her husband, Nazaruddin, who is also Treasurer Democrat. With the arrest of Neneng, Ruhut said again, the Commission has two items of evidence to reveal whether or not these accusations, namely Neneng testimony and documents he had. "May the Democratic storm pass."

Law Commission Chairman House of Representatives I Gde Pasek Neneng Suardika also hope to open the case. "Open it, so that all know what is right and wrong," said Democratic House members from this. He said Democrats are not worried by the arrest at his home in Pejaten Neneng, Jakarta, last Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

The Word of Wijaya, Anas lawyer, also asked the Commission to open Neneng examination in the case. He was not afraid of accusations directed against his client. "Says it all. Anas will not be defeated, "he said.

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