Senin, 18 Juni 2012

President Obama "Slap" A Journalist

WASHINGTON - In an unusual incident, U.S. President Barack Obama "slap" (rebuke) a journalist who is not pleased with the decision not to deport the illegal immigrants who are young.

Journalist, Neil Munro, of the Daily Caller site, interrupting Obama's speech about the impending deportation of illegal immigrants between the ages of 16 to 30 who were brought to America by their parents.

"I'm sorry .. It's not time to ask," Obama said Munro, who asked something about the holidays when the president of the opportunities young Americans who can not get a job.

Munro then asked whether Obama will answer questions and the president replied, "Not when I'm talking."

Later in his speech, Obama spoke to Munro, who shouted from the back seat when Obama was delivering a speech in the Rose Garden, the White House.

"I'm not asking for an argument and I'm answering your question," Obama said.

That's very unusual occurrence for Obama, who looks very troubled by the question Munro, to be interrupted while delivering an official speech.

Journalists often ask questions to the president after he finished giving a speech, but he (the president) are not answering their questions.

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