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Story of Keong Mas

Once in ancient times there lived a young man named Galoran. He belonged to a respected person because of wealth and rank of his parents. However Galoran very lazy and wasteful. Everyday work a waste of parents' property, even when his parents died he was more often riotous. Therefore, over time parents finished property. However do not make Galoran aware, too, even spent time with just laze around and take a walk. Iba villagers see it. Yet every time someone offers him a job, Galoran just eat and sleep without willing to do the job. But eventually galoran levied by a wealthy widow to be his friend. This makes Galoran very happy; "Pucuk be loved side dish arrived," the thought Galoran.

The widow had a daughter who is very diligent and good at weaving, Jambean name. Jambean woven so good to be known throughout the village. However Galoran stepson hates it, because often Jambean admonished him for always being lazy.
Galoran hatred so deep, to the heart of plotting to kill his own stepson. He said sharply to his wife: "Hi, Nyai, really brave Jambean me. How dare he advises parents! Shall it?" "Patience, brother. Jambean not mean bad against brother" pleaded his wife. "I know why he acts rude to me, so I'm going to leave this house!" he cried again, her eyes stare. "Come on brother, Jambean sister just reminded that want to work" according to his wife's attempt to relieve his anger. "Ah .. crap. Short now .. you should choose me or your son!" Galoran so threatening.

Jambean sad mother's heart. The mother wept day and night because it confused him. She wailed: "Until your heart jambean father abused me. Jambean my son, let my son down here" she said softly. "Wait a minute Mom, stay a little weaving" replied Jambean. "Nah finished already" she exclaimed anymore. Jump Jambean get his mother who was grieving. "Why did you grieve alone," he asked with compassion. So diceritakanlah plan Jambean father who planned to kill Jambean. Jambean sadly said: 'Come on mak do not be sad, let me meet the wishes of the father. The truth will finally happy Mother ". "But my message is only one mother, if I had killed my father planted over my dead body but do not throw it to the dam" he replied. With the mother was very sad nod. Jambean was finally murdered by his stepfather, and as requested by the mother Jambean throw his body in the dam. With the torso and the head magically turns into Jambean shrimp and snails, or also called snail in the Javanese language.

The village was Dadapan two brothers widow named Grandma and Grandma Rondo Rondo Sambega Sembadil. Both the widow and living with a very poor livelihood collecting wood and taro leaves. One day the brothers went to a nearby dam to search for taro leaves. Was stunned to see shrimp and snails they are golden brown. "How beautiful this shrimp and snails" said Grandma Rondo Sambega "Look at how beautiful her skin color, golden yellow. Want me to keep it" he cried again. "Well so beautiful, we just bring it home for shrimp and snails" said Grandma Rondo Sembadil. Then picked up shrimp and snails is to take home. Then shrimp and snails is they put them in clay jars in the kitchen. Since they maintain shrimp and the snails the gold is the lives they too changed. Especially every after work home, the kitchen has available side dishes and the house became very neat and clean. Grandma and Grandma Rondo Rondo Sambega Sembadil also feel amazed by the things. Until one day they plan to find out who the hell do so.

One day as they usually go to fetch wood and taro leaves, they pretend to leave and then after walking some distance they slipped right back into the kitchen. From the kitchen came the rustling sound, the brothers quickly peek and see a gorgeous girl out of clay jars containing shrimp and conch Gold their pets. "Certainly he is the incarnation of the golden snails and shrimp" whispers Grandmother to Grandmother Rondo Rondo Sambega Sembadil. "Let's catch before it was transformed back into the shrimp and conch Gold" Grandma whispered Sembadil Rondo. Slowly they entered the kitchen, and the arrest of the girl who is cool to cook it. "Tell me quickly my son, who the hell you were" urged Grandma Rondo Sambega "Angels Did you?" he said again. "Mak is not, I am an ordinary person who was killed and disposed of by my parents, I was transformed into shrimp and snails" Jambean said softly. "Touched by the story of two sisters Jambean finally took the conch Gold as their adopted child. Since then the Golden Conch help to weave the two brothers. Weave a beautiful and nice to get the stretcher is woven throughout the country, and two brothers widow became richer than day to day.

The fabrics arrived in the capital of the kingdom. The young king was very interested in artificial fabrics Jambean or the Golden Conch. Finally king decided for reviewing itself the manufacture of woven such and go leave the kingdom with disguised as a merchant cloth. Finally the king knew about the Golden Conch, and is excited by the beauty and craft Golden Conch. The king commanded the brothers to bring the Golden Conch Jambean or to enter into the kingdom and proposed to be the queen conch Gold. How happy the two brothers widow.

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