Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Resort is fantastic Underground in China

 Look and feel with a wide range of exclusive lodging facilities in the building that scratches the sky is impressive. But what if later on there is luxury accommodation in a position similar to that in the vast abyss? This is one concept Shimao Songjiang Hotel in China are made by engineers and consultants in Atkins.

Shimao Songjiang Hotel is a resort that has an extreme sports facility with a five-star hotel in it. They also drafted an underwater hotel in the resort. The resort is built on a former quarry that was filled with water. Atrium at its center was built and coupled directly to the stone in the cliffs with waterfalls and plants in it. One of the design solutions that they employ is the use of environmentally friendly roof that can change the earth's heat into electricity. Atkins provides architectural, structural, and technical matters relating to this resort in China. Feel the extreme game that they will provide later in this resort. Let us wait for the presence of this unique resort in the country of China!


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