Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Microsoft to launch Tablet

Microsoft is rumored to soon plunge the tablet computer market competition, which is currently dominated by Apple iPad products.

Excerpted from the website technology The Verge, Friday, June 15, 2012, news began to spread the invitation of Microsoft, on 18 June in Los Angeles.

This event is quite mysterious because the invitation did not mention what the event will be held. But the site The Wrap then obtain information from sources within the enterprise software giant said that it will launch a tablet that will be the challenger iPad.

This information is reinforced by the news of the All Things D obtained from other sources, who said that Microsoft really wants to deal directly with Apple.

Microsoft is known to have some time to design a prototype tablet. Prototype tablet Microsoft Bill Gates first introduced in 2000. Unlike modern tablet, it forms a thick slate and stylus pen to operate with.

Between 2008-2010 Microsoft also is developing a tablet known double-screen shaped like a book. Device called the Courier was finally declared cease developed. At the same time the first generation iPad was released.

In addition to Microsoft, Google is also rumored to be launching its own besutannya tablet at the end of this month. Rumors persisted that this tablet will be priced, but use the latest Android operating system as well as quad-core processors.

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, at the end of last year had also said it would prepare its own tablet that plan would be introduced to the public this summer.

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