Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

The Jakarta Institute rejects presence of Lady Gaga

JAKARTA - The Jakarta Institute balked digelarnya Lady Gaga concert in Indonesia.

Agency established a campus in Jakarta was rejected because the Lady Gaga concert valued Indonesian culture further exacerbate the current crisis center.

This was stated by Executive Director of the Jakarta Institute, Zulfian S Rehalat in his press conference to, Friday (05/25/2012).

"Rejecting the arrival of Lady Gaga to Indonesia because they conflict with national values ​​and not according to the culture of Indonesia," he said.

According Zulfian, both the field of culture, politics, and law, Indonesia is currently experiencing a deep crisis.

In fact, he assessed the situation the country is currently experiencing a setback because many leaders of history, society, and youth have strayed from a national consensus such as the mandate of the Youth Pledge and Reform.

So, if you continue to support the arrival of the "Mother Monster" that the country was deep kodisi today, according Zulfian, are giving a chance of succeeding in Indonesia western culture.

Therefore, he said, The Jakarta Institute urged the government to explicitly reject the presence of Lady Gaga in Indonesia.

Urged the government to immediately establish a national curriculum on komprehenship that formed the character of school education.

"As well as urging the government to make reforms actually as the main agenda in the efforts to combat corruption, economy and energy independence, as well as the achievement of prosperity and justice for the people," he said.

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