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Tragic Neighbors 16 Month Baby Tortured to Death

BATAM - Muhammad Farhan, infants 16 months of torture victims neighbors, finally breathed his last in a period of intensive care in the ICU RSBP Batam, Sunday (05/20/2012) at around 13:30 pm. At that time, Farhan's face looked so calm and peaceful. No more tubes of medical instrument attached to his body. By simply wearing a disposable diaper, hands and feet bound in white cloth, Farhan was taken to the hospital morgue.

A few minutes before declared dead, the ICU nurse had to call and tell Farhan worsening conditions to Tri Maida.

"About half an hour ago I was called into the. Described by his nurse, Farhan condition deteriorated. Been weak and added critical. When I just left the ICU room, I called again and was practically dead," Tri said when met at the ICU at about 13:57 pm.

Tri Maida was the wife of Zulfikar, a colleague Jumadi, Farhan's father. When Farhan in critical condition, Tri Maida is in charge of keeping in front of the ICU. While Zulfikar with another friend, Sri, went down to see Jumadi who was hospitalized in Camatha Sahidya Mukakuning.

Jumadi aged about 35 years, a traffic accident on 10 May. And had a coma a few days. Now Jumadi been aware but can not remember many things, including the son, Farhan.

"I had just visited his father Farhan. I tried to ask about her son, but he just said there, as his brother. He's such a daze that lost his memory. He had not known her son was dead now. I do not know how to want to say to him," Sri said in tears when told the morgue attendant RSBP Batam.

Farhan's death is enough to make Sri devastated. The reason is that since the beginning of Sri Farhan guard when it began to be treated in the department of Riau Islands to be referred to RSBP Batam on Friday (05/18/2012) afternoon.

Although visibly tired, Sri remain faithful watch over the bodies of Farhan. When found early Sunday morning, he claims could not sleep the night before because it was so dismayed by his friend the child's condition. At that time, Sri Farhan had told the development of post referred to the condition RSBP Batam.

"Its growth usually wrote. Still in a coma, is unconscious. But from the time in Penang yesterday there has been little change. If yesterday his Dedek (Farhan) seizures are now quiet. Until now I have not met the doctor, for a holiday as possible. Time Friday entry well it was late afternoon, "said Sri.

This event is also very unfortunate Tri Maida. Because some time ago, when Jumadi was looking for a place to Leave Farhan, Tri and Zulfikar has to offer aid. However, Jumadi prefer Farhan neighbor raised in Tanjungpinang.

"Farhan was entrusted to a neighbor may already be six months. We also do not know what its consideration. Once we've offered so that we are caring for Farhan, but Jumadi not want to," said Tri Batuaji living in the area.

According to the story Zulfikar, Jumadi not have relatives in Batam and Tanjungpinang. All who gathered at the time was Batam RSBP colleagues who had worked in one place with Jumadi.

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