Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Egyptian Salafi Party Support Moursi

CAIRO - ultra-nationalist party Salafis in Egypt, An-Nur, has announced it will support the candidate of the Muslim Mohammed Ichwanul Moursi in the second round presidential election against former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

"High-Party Committee of An-Nur support Dr. Mohammed Moursi as president of the republic in the second round (the vote)," the party said in its official account on Twitter.

The first official results of presidential elections in Egypt since the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak was announced. Egypt's electoral commission announced the results of a vote scheduled for Monday evening local time.

Unofficial results announced by local media and the Muslim Ichwanul Moursi set against Shafiq in the second round of voting, after neither candidate won 50 percent of the vote in the first round.

But the Chief Election Commission Hatem Bagato on Sunday night (27/5), reminiscent of "results announced so far are just the instructions".

"The commission in the process of reviewing the complaint (the deviation) and this call can change a particular outcome," said Bagato told private television station An-Nahar, was quoted as saying by AFP - which monitored ANTARA here on Monday night.

An-Nur previous party support moderate leaders and former members of the Muslim Abdel Moneim Abul Ichwanul Fotouh in the presidential election after Hazem Abu Ismail their candidate was disqualified from the race.

Moursi and Shafiq had contacted their former competitors in an effort to form a coalition of support for the second half.

So far, none of the major competitors - including Abul Fotouh, a candidate in the third figure Hamdeen Nasseri Sabbahi or former foreign minister, Amr Moussa - has been shown to support any candidate.

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