Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Bilbao vs Barcelona: Xavi The Lift Trophy

Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey final, or that the 2012-109, at the Vicente Calderon Stadium on Saturday (5/26/2012) morning. This is the title of the Catalan-26 for the troops in the event that the Indonesian language is called the King's Cup.

Xavi Hernadez appear as a captain in the game last night. He replaced Puyol who is currently with injury. However, Puyol and David Villa, who was also injured, remains up to the podium when the trophy handover.

When the King of Spain gave the trophy, Xavi and Puyol had whispered to each other. Memersilakan Puyol Xavi seems that lifting the trophy for the first time. Xavi initially appeared shy and ask Puyol just do it.

After Xavi lifted the trophy, then he handed it to Puyol. After lifting the cup, then Puyol memersilakan Pinto to go lift. And then Pinto stood some distance away from Puyol and there are few players in the next Puyol. But it's still long-haired captain Pinto memersilakan third turn. It is a tribute to the Pinto. Pinto is the choice of Guardiola as a goalkeeper at the Copa Del Rey, not Victor Valdes. While in the arena of La Liga, Valdes was the number one.

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