Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Munich vs Chelsea: Final Emotional

After undergoing a series of matches full of struggle, load, pressure and even controversy, Bayern Munich and Chelsea are on the cusp of ultimate ends once all of which should be the end of all stories Champions League 2011-2012 edition.

The game was the Champions League final. Venue magnificent Allianz Arena has provided a stage for performances of the great duel of two best teams in Europe today with the momentum of the organization was held on Sunday (5/20/2012) morning.

Two iconic figure is predicted to be consumed by both clubs final heat of emotion with a strong bond that had both players. He was the stronghold of Munich Arjen Robben and Frank Lampard in the Chelsea team.

Robben as former players the Blues have a great passion for breaking Chelsea win the Champions League dreams which have been the primary dream, ever since he was a member of the Roman Emperor.

"It's the biggest game of my life, so also the last game for veteran players at Chelsea. I had a fantastic time at Chelsea. A pride to be part of this game because there is chatter in the world except this fight," said Robben fcbayernmunchen reported. com, Friday (05/18/2012).

Mercurial winger from the Netherlands was also determined to beat his former club. He will remove all emotional ties. "After Real Madrid, Chelsea's time," said Robben, who in the semis to get rid of Real Madrid, who is also his former club.

Lampard as one of the veteran players in the Blues squad would greatly appreciate certain minutes per minute of this game. This is the last chance for him to lift the Champions League trophy that had never felt.

"It's a remarkable journey. We can change everything. This is a very valuable lesson for us all. Now we are preparing to destroy Bayern. We hope to secure this final," said Lampard told

Yes, emotions are two players who plays as a midfielder will indeed churning. Momentum is certainly worth a very expensive would not pass away to give the final offerings as well as the best for their respective clubs.

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