Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Singapore Presents The Angry Birds Hanging Train

As one of the country that became a tourist destination in Asia, Singapore is serving a variety of attractive tourist destinations form the heart of anyone to come to this country.

When the Finnish state has a playground Angry Birds, Singapore did not want to miss. Recently, Singapore has just inaugurated a tourist Angry Birds are almost similar to the playground Angry Birds in Finland.

As ikutip of CNNGO, Monday (28/05), adventure-style Angry Birds from the top of Mount Faber begins June to December, with its main attraction is a cable car themed Angry Birds.

According to authorities the local playground, cable car is available in 3 units. The third cable car diracang with all trinkets Angry Birds. Trains that depict characters Angry Birds bird was chasing a group of evil pigs.

Besides enjoying the view from the cable car, visitors can also play interactive games on it, take part in creative workshops, and enjoy meals a la Angry Birds. Exciting is not it!

Well, for those who wish to enjoy rides on this one, the visitors will be subject to a ticket valued at S $ 29 for adults and S $ 18 dollars for children.

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