Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Leave Chelsea Didier Drogba

As reported by France Football, the hero of Chelsea in the Champions League final, Didier Drogba, was determined to pack a suitcase from Stamford Bridge this summer.

Ivory Coast striker of a joint 34-year-old with The Blue will be completed next month. However, despite Chelsea's management was reportedly ready to offer him a contract extension, Drogba himself who finally took the decision not to add his tenure.

Following reports that he has delivered this decision to his fellow seklubnya when the UCL trophy parade on Sunday (20/5), aka the day after the final match, Marseille's former retainer of the sound is now open to the press.

"We [Drogba and his Chelsea team-mate in] can not be together next season," said Drogba told France Football.

"Since I have decided to go, I want to say this directly to them."

"They made ​​me a broken heart. I find it hard to admit that this has ended, my relationship with the club. "

"But I can not imagine sitting on the bench while watching the other players perform in a time when the club was trying to form a new team."

"So this, I was preparing myself for a great leap into the unknown. It will be another adventure. "

Although not revealed where he will anchor the next season, Drogba is believed that China would move to the club, Shanghai Shenhua, where former teammate at Chelsea, Nicolas Anelka, currently the player-coach.

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