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Man Arrested in China Related Cannibalism

Beijing - Police in southwest China have arrested a man suspected of killing more than 12 young children, mutilated bodies of the victims and their meat sold for consumption for other people.

Zhag Yongming (56) was arrested two weeks ago in a village in Yunnan province Nanmen and is under investigation for the murder of a young boy who was 19 years old at the end of April.

Zhang Police searched the house and found the belongings of the child, such as mobile phones, bank cards, and other evidence. According to Guangxi News website as saying that more than a dozen other young children, lost in the village several years ago.

The website also said that Zhang had once served time in prison for nearly 20 years for murder.

Zhang is known by villagers as a cannibal monster, the site reported, quoting the words of the villagers, who saw a green bag hanging at his home, and the white bones visible at the top of the bag.

Local police declined to comment when contacted by AFP on Friday, saying that information would be available "at the right time", and other reports about the terrible case it seems to be removed from the sites of China.

But Hong Kong newspaper, The Standard said on Friday that police entered the home of the human eyeball Zhang found preserved in a bottle of wine and cured meats hanging in his house.

Police are concerned that Zhang's third feeding his dog with human flesh, while selling the other parts of the body of the victim in the market by calling it "ostrich meat," according to the Standard newspaper.

Beijing sent a team of experts to Yunnan to oversee the investigation of the missing teen and two local police chief sacked from their posts, the official news agency Xinhua.

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