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The carpet sellers Investors Look So Facebook

Behind Facebook Inc. IPO sales. phenomenal last week, there are many people who become "conglomerate" sudden. No mind to mention big investors such as U2 singer Bono, Sean Parker, who first invited the investor or the kings who buy shares of Russian oil this site. There was a carpet salesman who took the name of huge profits from the stock up. Carpet sellers? Yeah right. Pejman Nozad name.

In 2005, one of the right hand Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, come to Nozad. He was a little pleading requesting Nozad allow up renting the building at No. 165 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California. This building is owned by a fellow Nozad. This is not the usual rental agreement. However, he was given an offer to buy shares of Facebook for U.S. $ 50,000 (about USD 450 million).

Nozad colleagues flatly rejected. Facebook it was only a year old and has not been ogled by investors. "Our business is real estate, not investing," said Nozad friend angry. However, Nozad finally approved. Facebook shares owned carpet dealer is now equivalent to U.S. $ 50 million (about USD 450 billion).

Nozad, 43, who has stopped selling the carpet remember that grim period. He said that when it came to Sean Parker. Parker said the building would have rented it good karma or the hockey. You see, the building was never used in start up companies, Pay Pal, and success.

Nozad been to the office up there on top of sushi restaurants. "I met with Zuckerberg and Sean Parker. They provide a startling picture about the future of Facebook," he said. Nozad finally agreed to lease the building, but he wanted to instill duitnya on Facebook. However, Parker refused.

Several days later, Parker came to him and agreed to offer to buy shares of Facebook for U.S. $ 49,998.04 and room hire. However, Facebook refused to rent additional space. This is not a lot of tough negotiations Nozad zaat it profitable.

At that time, seemed like he was fated Nozad stump. However, he will never regret or cry about it. He is no longer selling carpets. He planted duitnya to 50 start-up companies (new companies growing) class Dropbox Inc., File sharing sites or Path Inch, a social networking site to share music.

"I am surrounded by so many entrepreneurs with a staggering achievement," he said. "Sometimes, you lose in one place and earn money elsewhere."

Facebook stock sales have catapulted Nozad and also many other ordinary people. A share of stock prices up last Friday at U.S. $ 38.23. The price was above the issue price of U.S. 38. Ing income most surely Mark Zuckerberg, its founder. 28-year-old man has an estimated wealth of Facebook shares worth U.S. $ 20, 3 billion (approximately USD 182.7 billion).

People who buy shares are now up in the early stages such as "flooded" the money. The dentist father, for example, now has a stake worth U.S. $ 76 million (USD 684 billion). If the cost of ordinary people get rich quick like that, do not ask Bono earned wealth funds that invest U.S. $ 1 billion in the year earlier. Bono investment by Elevation Partners injected. Bono would not answer when asked about this.

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