Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

The Raid movie touted Hollywood Stars

After Paris Hilton, The Raid also praised Denzel Washington and Jason Statham

Iko Uwais did not expect, if the movie The Raid starring Hollywood actress had made ​​a number of curious to see it.

After Paris Hilton, actor Denzel Washington and Jason Statham by Iko come to see the film was made by Gareth Evans.

"I'm proud really, much praised film The Raid ngetweet when played in America. In addition there is Paris Hilton Denzel Washington, Jason Statham and a few others, I forgot," Iko said when met recently.

Two last names, Denzel Washington and Hollywood star Jason Statham classified top. Movies they starred often become box office and is always highly anticipated film lovers in the world.

"But I dare ngeretweet baseball, good baseball, too, was afraid I kegeeran," he said with a smile.

"For me they are pretty (Hollywood stars know about the quality of Indonesian films," he said.

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