Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Divide Free Condoms Ahead of Euro 2012

Euro 2012 event will be held in Poland and Ukraine on June 8, later turned out to not only show a football game, but also "sex tourism" in the two cities.

Tourism is of course the hot nightlife in Poland and Ukraine. Some time ago in the Ukraine and even feminists have protested the show Euro 2012 in Ukraine, because it could be a sex tours for travelers who come to the city.

For the sake of anticipating the same thing happened in the Ukraine, Poland would have a unique way for Euro 2012 performances, serve as "sex tourism" for most of the tourists.

Reporting from msn.foxsports.com (22/5), Poland health department will distribute free condoms to thousands of fans who want to watch their national team playing in Poland.

"150 000 free condoms are distributed, and the rest will be distributed at the gathering place for fans to avoid venereal diseases," said Alexander Soplinski, Polish health ministry staff.

Euro in 2012 alone will be started on June 8, and the city of Warsaw, Poland became the arena opening. Poland interested in watching live on?

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